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Current Mission Rotation Poll

Please vote for the Map/mission's you would like to stay.
Podagorsk - The Mannerheim Line 11%  11%  [ 40 ]
Capraia - Invasion of Capraia 8%  8%  [ 28 ]
Namalsk - Outpost Namalsk 6%  6%  [ 21 ]
Kunduz - Green Zone 12%  12%  [ 44 ]
N'Ziwasogo - ChickenHawk 6%  6%  [ 20 ]
Zargabad - Iron Justice 14%  14%  [ 49 ]
Isla Duala - Fool's Gold 10%  10%  [ 36 ]
Panthera - Steel Panther 10%  10%  [ 35 ]
Chernarus - Triglav 11%  11%  [ 40 ]
Reshmaan - Operation Ursus 12%  12%  [ 42 ]
Total votes : 355
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Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 10:48 am     Super secret spam barrier
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It would depend on the actual weather conditions and also at least slightly what you are used to. :)

I would guess that you (Arf) is a bit better conditioned to cold as Bunny probably is. 

The question is if the shivering is actually just a visual effect, or of it makes your character actually shake when aiming etc. 

Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 4:12 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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How about rethinking the enemy? I've seen the IRA and IS among others in the mod pack and I think we could have slightly more variety regarding different factions involved in each conflict. 

Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 5:31 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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I understand the accessibility issue but would love to see Tanoa on the list, its one hell of a map.

Agree with Arf shivering seems out of place.

Mastero and Dobbeh seem bag on with assessments of maps.

Objective placement is so disappointing sometimes, running round trying to find them for half an hour because spawn is in the middle of nowhere or a box of gold bullion in the middle of a street?

less general IED's please and more contact and suicide bombers, also a generally a little more civilians in towns (on same style of map) would be good to see, adds a lot to tension same as patrol op's.

Thanks Lads

hope that's constructive

Posted: Mon May 15, 2017 11:59 am     Super secret spam barrier

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I've enjoyed the 'hearts and minds' aspect of some recent missions ....

Dealing with Civ's, talking to get intel, working out if they are suicide bombers, IEDs identification and avoidance and keeping security when you know it could kick off any moment .... this is the experience I really enjoy. It may be less rambo for the most part .... but when it kicks off, we still can hit hard and fast.

For this reason, I ticked on Reshmaan and Kunduz missions ... I've only played these with 3CB (public) but I'd like to play there more.

On the mission config side, I can see the case for more enemy during the some engagements ... not an increase in the rate of engagements.


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