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How To: Using Arma3Sync to synchronise your mods

Hello lads,

HQ strongly recommend using "Arma3Sync" to launch your game, since it not only starts up ArmA but can also synchronise your mods with the server, ensuring that you have the correct versions loaded.

You can download Arma3Sync from here
(Make sure you have Java Runtime Environment 7 installed on your PC).

When you start up Arma3Sync and select the location of your ArmA 3 installation, click on the "Repositories" tab. Now click the blue plus-symbol to add the repository.

Fill in information in the dialog box as shown below:

Then highlight the "3CB" repository and click the "Connect to" button:

After that a "3CB" tab should appear on the top right of your Arma3Sync. Go there and click the green tick to Check for Addons.

Now you should see the repository content on the right hand side. Outdated or non existant mods should be indicated in red. Check the "Select all" option and start the download process.

After the download finishes go to the "Addons" tab. Right click in the "Addon Group" box to add groups there. Now you can drag and drop your mods into the groups and sort them however you want. Check the boxes to add the mods to the startup-parameters. It could, for example, look like this:

Finally go to the "Addon Options" tab and make sure that the addons are loaded like this:
"CBA_A3 --> JayArmA3Lib --> ACRE --> Other Mods" to ensure that ACRE is running properly. You can use the green arrows to adjust the addon priorities.

Feel free to adjust any other start parameters you like to start-up your game within the "Launcher Options" tab. Eg. the "-noLogs" parameter (strongly recommended if you get freezes every few seconds!). Also, make sure the filepath at the very bottom of this tab points out to the "Arma3.exe"-file and not just to the Arma3 directory. Otherwise, Arma3Sync won't be able to start up the game.

If you are setting up the Mods with the steps above on a plain Arma3 installation, you might have to create a proper "userconfig"-folder. This one is used by several Mods to introduce new keybindings when needed. At the moment, we are using "@ACRE" and "@ShoulderTap" that needs the "userconfig"-folder, however the procedure stays the same for other Mods we might use in the future. In the following the set up will be shown using the example of these two Mods. Yellow boxes indicate the content of the corresponding folders:

First, open your Windows Explorer and locate your main Arma3-directory. Now open the "@ACRE" and "@ShoulderTap" folders. In there you will find a subfolder called "userconfig".

Copy these "userconfig"-folders into your main directory. After that, your directories should look like the following:

Now go back to Arma3Sync and click the "Start Game" button on the bottom right to launch ArmA.


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