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Before you apply

Before you apply it is important you make sure that 3 Commando Brigade is the right unit for you. Therefore, you must read a little bit about what sort of unit we are and also join us on our Teamspeak & game server. This is so you can get to know some of our members (and make yourself known) before applying.

The more known you make yourself to the group, the greater the chance of your application being accepted once you do decide to apply.
The Recruitment Process - From Application to Marine
1. Play on the Public Server with us, get yourself known.
2. Post an application.
3. Assigned Recruit status by a Recruitment Manager after receiving recommendation from 3CB members on your application thread.
    - You will be given a TeamSpeak badge.
    - You will be given access to 3CB members-only areas of the forums.
4. You must attend Stage 1 and Stage 2 Basic Training (courses are re-run on a regular basis).
    - You will then be able to attend 3CB private operations.
5. You are put on a 1 month trial period (starting from the day your application is accepted).
6. After your trial, Officers and NCO's will vote on your application, either making you a Marine or denying your application.
About 3 Commando Brigade

We are a military realism unit based in Arma 3. We play Arma using British military tactics and equipment to try and simulate (to a degree) the modern British forces while maintaining an overall fun and enjoyable gameplay experience.

We like to use ranks within the unit to delegate responsibilities (as well as to show recognition of contributions to the community) and maintain a level of organisation that everyone enjoys. Don’t worry, you won’t have to fill out any report papers at the end of the day or give us 50 laps if you walk out of line. We think that Arma should be played and not taken to impractical levels (there’s no yes sir, no sir with us!).

Common sense rules are in place to ensure a fun and respectful place to enjoy gaming. Maturity, respect, and common-sense (and maybe even an odd bit of humour) are expected qualities from all recruits/members.

Mainly we are a UK-based unit. However, members have joined us from around the globe - Norway, Finland, USA, Germany and many more. Rest assured you'll fit in with the group, no matter your region.

Large-scale operations are run every weekend, and we also have an Arma 3 public server running 24/7 (on our powerful dedicated server). The 3 Commando Brigade's flourishing community is what drives and compels the unit to succeed.
Download our modset
In order to play on our public server and join private operations (missions) with us, you will first need to download a set of mods for Arma.
These can be downloaded/installed by clicking the button below.

Join our Teamspeak & public Arma server
The 3 Commando Brigade Public Server runs 24/7 and is open to all players, regardless of whether you are a 3CB member or not.
Talk to some of our members and play with us on our public server so you can get a better idea of what our play-style is and how we operate. The more you get to know us (and we get to know you), the better we'll be able to assess your application.

[ Join Teamspeak Server ]

Arma server details can be found in their respective Teamspeak channels. For example:

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