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A3 Public Server Required Mods

The 3 Commando Brigade Public Server runs 24/7 and is open to all players, regardless of whether you are a 3CB member or not.

We run custom designed missions using modifications ("Mods") to the vanilla game. All players need to run a core set of Mods which can be downloaded simply using Arma3Sync and our [3CB] Public Modset.

Image  Image

Overview of Steps to get you up and running

1. Install TeamSpeak 3
2. Download Arma3Sync
3. Connect to the 3CB A3Sync Repository using: http://repo.3commandobrigade.com/autoconfig
4. Download or Update Mods using Arma3Sync
(5. Run the TFAR Installer from Arma3Sync) * on first install only *
6. Connect to the 3CB Team Speak Server: voice.3commandobrigade.com
7. Join the 3CB Public Server

Time Stamps:
Step 1 | Installing A3Sync - 0:35
Step 2 | Connecting to the Repo - 3:02
Step 3 | Installing TFAR - 5:10
Step 4 | Connecting to our server - 6:42

Public Server Mission Rotation

Tier 1 missions:
MapMission nameEnemy type
PodagorskThe Mannerheim LineRHS Russians
ZargabadIron JusticeRHS Russians
Song Bin TanhMonsoon MadnessRHS Opfor
Isla DualaFool's GoldProject Opfor
PantheraSteel PantherRHS Russians
TakistanHearts & MindsProject Opfor
GunkizliBoreasRHS Russians
MaldenNemesisRHS Russians
ReshmaanOperation UrsusRHS Russians
ChernarusTriglavRHS Russians
LythiumMurghab DistrictProject Opfor
LethovetsSpring StepRHS Russians
N'ZiwasogoChickenHawkProject Opfor
A tier 2 mission

Tier 2 missions:
MapMission nameEnemy type
BystricaCopper ValleyBIS AAF
W PantheraSnow LeopardRHS Russians
NamalskOutpost NamalskRHS Russians
W ChernarusSleighbellsRHS Russians

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