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Member Events

Day Date Time Event Server Style
Friday 29 January 19:30 Open Event - Operation Napochi Public Repo - Public Server Co-op
Sunday 31 January 19:30 Op Nakota Private Op Repo - Private Server Co-op
Friday 12 February 20:00 Joint Operation - Operation Durchbruch Public Repo - Dev Public Server Co-op

1. Times given are local British time. GMT=Greenwich Mean Time; BST = British Summer Time (GMT+1)
2. Mission Commanders are often required to arrive 20-30 minutes before mission start time to conduct planning.
3. Unless clearly stated otherwise by Op Coordinators, the '[3CB] Private Repo' will always be used for Private Sunday Operations.

Public Server

Our public server runs 24/7 and is open to all players. Whether you are new to ArmA, Multiplayer or are looking for a new experience with 'Realism, Tactics and Fun', you will be made very welcome on our public server.

If you are interested in joining 3CB, playing on our public server is an excellent way for you to get to know us. You can download everything needed to play from our Arma3Sync repository on the MODS page.
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