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Community Related Ribbons

Service Medal
A long-time serving member of 3CB. Each award of this ribbon represents a consecutive year of service. Aeobrix, Alex Rowlinson, Alexander, American Liam, Andy1, Apollo, arf, Arka, Aronus777, Asterix, Beletang, Bluemaxx, bobert, Bock, Bullet Magnet, Bunny, Chrisg46, D. Mayakovsky, DangerousDiz, DaveFillo, Dobbeh, dom.stb, Dwayne, Eotech, Evrik, Fielding, Finch, Ghostdragon, Goodson, Jamster, Jetrise, Klawc, Lifetap, LoneGreyWolf, Mackereldude, magazta, Mastero, Meako, Mefirst, Melonfish, Moeses, MrBagel, Muff, MyCatSaid, Nemiuk, Ney88, Nick Seafort, Niko, O.Saar, Padfoot, Parker, predator, reV, Ridgeback, RJay, Robbie, RobboC, Rum, Sanders, Scofer, Selchu, Serjames, Shepherd, Shimmer, Sleepingbag, TastyHaggis91, Tls_Cud, Vecingettorix, Wolfie, Zach
Media Man
Frequent contributor to 3CB YouTube. Each award of this ribbon represents:
- 10+ videos
- 24 hours+ 3CB footage published
- Liked, favourited, or shared 100+ 3CB videos
Bluemaxx, dom.stb, Jetrise, Mefirst, Monsieur_Taz, predator, Serjames, Tls_Cud
Helpful Techie
Frequent go-to in the Technical TS and Technical Help forum reV
Responsible for 1+ members joining 3CB (referenced in an application) Ribbon Not Issued
Donated (at least £5 or more) to the unit 1+ times. Andy1, Arka, Bluemaxx, bobert, DaveFillo, dom.stb, Jamster, Madshepherd, Massey, Mefirst, Melonfish, Nemiuk, Ney88, Parker, reV, Tls_Cud
Training Team
Training team member (past or present) dogbadger, Jamster
Modding Team
Modding team member (past or present) Andy1, Apollo, Arka, Eotech, Evrik, Lifetap, MrBagel, Nemiuk, Nick Seafort, Serjames
Liaison Team
Liaison team member (past or present) Jamster, Mefirst
Recruitment Team
Recruitment team member (past or present) Nemiuk, Nick Seafort, Vecingettorix
Kodak Commander
Winner of the 'Screenshot of the Month' contest Bock, Eotech, Jetrise, MrBagel

Operation Related Ribbons

Man of the match
Extraordinary feats (e.g. took charge when SL/ FTL/Troop died and led the survivors to victory, etc.) - to be suggested by SL’s and Troop during debrief Daltarain, Jetrise, Selchu, Tomo
Frag of the match
Shamefully responsible for the most deaths of friendly players throughout an operation Apollo, bobert, Havok, magazta, Mefirst, RevJono, Robbie
Zeus Operations
Has been Zeus for an operation. Each award of this ribbon represents being Zeus 2, 6, and 12 times. Aeobrix, Andrew, Arka, G.Rooster, Lifetap, Melonfish, Monsieur_Taz, MrBagel, Nemiuk, Reddog, Romain, Selchu, Vecingettorix
Mission Designer
Created missions used for a private operation. Each award of this ribbon represents 2+, 6+, and 12+ missions used. Andrew, Arka, Bluemaxx, Bunny, DangerousDiz, dom.stb, Evrik, G.Rooster, Gazuba, Guipo, Jetrise, Lifetap, Mackereldude, Mefirst, MrBagel, Nemiuk, O.Saar, Parker, predator, Romain, Tls_Cud, TomXion
Successfully led a frontline unit through an operation without a single KIA.
With each award of this ribbon, a unit represents a section, troop, and company (in that order).
Arka, bobert, Havok, Jetrise, John JD Daeux, Lifetap, Mastero, MrBagel, Nemiuk, Parker, Tls_Cud, Tomo, TomXion, Vecingettorix
Asset Medal [Armour]
Successfully completed an operation without the loss of armour. Ribbon Not Issued
Asset Medal [Air]
Successfully completed an operation without the loss of an air asset. Aeobrix, Bluemaxx
Section of the match (section with the most kills) Ribbon Not Issued
Public Regular
48+ hours spent on the public server. Andrew, arf, Connor Byrne, DaveFillo, Dobbeh, Dominik, Eotech, Finch, Guipo, Havok, Jetrise, Klawc, LoJa, Mastero, Mefirst, Moeses, Muff, Nemiuk, Ney88, Nick Seafort, Parker, predator, reV, RJay, Sam, Shimmer, Tomo, Vecingettorix, Zenn
Operation Medal
Completed a number of operations. Each award of this ribbon represents completing 13, 26, and 52 operations. Aeobrix, Andrew, Andy1, Apollo, Arka, Asterix, Bluemaxx, bobert, Bock, Bunny, Connor Byrne, Daltarain, DaveFillo, Dobbeh, dom.stb, Dwayne, Eotech, Evrik, Griffin, Guipo, Havok, Jetrise, Lifetap, Massey, Mastero, Mefirst, Monsieur_Taz, MrBagel, Nemiuk, Ney88, Nick Seafort, O.Saar, Poke, predator, reV, RevJono, Romain, Selchu, Serjames, Tls_Cud, TomXion
Combat Medic
Revived 7 separate people throughout an op (non bug related) Bock, Jetrise
Weapons Operator
Extraordinary feats with a weapon e.g. successfully shot down air asset with a Javelin, destroyed armour with a satchel or charge, shoot down a helicopter with small arms, etc. Eotech, Nemiuk

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