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Open Event - Op Claret I - Friday 27th January - 20:00GMT

Posted by: JoeEmp » Wed Dec 28, 2022 6:07 pm
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Author: JoeEmp
Zeus: JoeEmp

Chernarus 2020

Server Info:
Modset: Public Modset
Server: Public
IP: game.3commandobrigade.com
Port: 2362

Public Server Restart: 19:30
Joining Teamspeak From: 19:30
Mission Start: 20:00

If you need technical help please join the `Technical Help` channel on our Teamspeak and wait for assistance.


South Zagoria region, Chernarus. 8th March 2020

The conflict in Chernarus, a small nation located in Eastern Europe, has been ongoing for several years. It began as a civil war between the government, represented by the Chernarus Defense Force (CDF), and rebel forces known as the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ). The ChDKZ, which originally operated as divided factions loyal only to local regions, have recently united and now pose a significant threat to the government in the capital city of Novigrad.

The ChDKZ has received support from Russian forces through training and supplies, which has allowed them to gain the upper hand in the conflict. As a result, the CDF has been forced to retreat to a defensive position south of the Kirovograd river. Many equipment stores and large portions of the CDF have been encircled to the east.

The conflict in Chernarus has drawn the attention of the international community, particularly the US and British governments, as they have invested in maintaining peace and stability in the neighbouring nation of Takistan. Both governments believe that the conflict in Chernarus threatens the wider region and have agreed to deploy troops to assist the CDF and the government in Novigrad.

A large coalition force has been deployed to Miroslavl' to assist CDF forces and relieve pressure in the west. A smaller force has arrived in the South Zagoria region. In response to the western intervention, the ChDKZ have started to remove any signs of loyalty to the government in their territory. There have been reports of killings of civilians and the targeting of family members of CDF troops across the country.

The situation in Chernarus remains tense and volatile, with the outcome of the conflict uncertain. It is essential that the coalition forces work closely with the CDF and the government to restore stability and peace to the nation.


Ahead of the larger NATO task force, Whiskey Company, are to attack key military infrastructure along the southern coast.

1 Troop have been tasked with capturing a local military base, South of Pavlovo (Designated Obj. Kent)


Figure 1. Map of the AO.

  • 0600 hrs local.

  • Light Cloud coverage. Expected to persist.
  • Northerly wind. Expected to decrease.
  • Temperature: 4-8°C.
  • Chance of rain: >10%. Expected to increase.
  • Light Fog. Expected to persist.

IED / Mine threat:
  • No IED threat.
  • No mine threat.


Company Command, Whiskey Company, 45 Commando:
  • Command Element of Whiskey Company under the leadership of 0-A.
  • Standard MTP gear.

    1 Troop, Whiskey Company, 45 Commando:
    • Troop sized element under the leadership of 1-0A.
    • Standard MTP gear.

    2 Troop, Whiskey Company, 45 Commando:
    • Troop sized element under the leadership of 2-0A.
    • Standard MTP gear.
    • Assaulting converted Train Supply point, west of Myshkino (Designated Obj. Devon).

    3 Troop, Whiskey Company, 45 Commando:
    • Troop sized element under the leadership of 3-0A.
    • Standard MTP gear.
    • Assaulting Balota Airfield (Designated Obj. Essex).

B Flight, 845 Naval Air Squadron, FAA:
  • AW101 Merlins, attached to Whiskey Company, 45 Commando.
  • Standard FAA gear.
  • Unarmed.
  • Performing deployment & sustainment to Whiskey Company.


Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star:
  • A trained & well-equipped force using a majority of Russian equipment.
  • Motorised and mechanised capability experienced. Exact disposition of enemy forces is unknown.
  • Enemy does not expect an attack in the region.
  • Morale is expected to be high following recent territory gains.

Chernarus Police Department:
  • A trained & well-equipped force using a majority of Russian equipment.
  • Motorised capability experienced. The exact disposition of force is unknown.
  • Suspected allegiance to the ChDKZ.
  • To be considered hostile at any sign of aggression or failure to comply with instruction.


  • Civilian presence expected around towns.
  • Civilians are expected to support the ChDKZ or be neutral at best.


  • Limited Supplies to be dropped when requested.

  • None.

  • CTP tent carried by Troop HQ.


  • Weapon Control Order: At the discretion of 1-0A.
  • Avoid HE in built-up areas.
  • Civilian casualties are to be avoided.
  • Bayonets to be used only when assaulting known Enemy positions.


Note: Before taking a role, please read the relevant SOP and check whether you have the required skills and knowledge to perform this role properly. If you read it and feel you are unsuited for the role, please do not take it.

W Coy, 45 Commando.
  • L119A1s, L110A3s & L129A1s.
  • GPS.
  • Personal and LR Radios.
  • Standard 4 - 4 sections.

Coy HQ
0-A: Company Commander - Zeus

1 Troop HQ
1-0-A: Troop Commander - DataHood
1-0-B: Troop 2iC - Nemiuk

1 Troop / 1 Section
1-1-C: Section Leader - Lifetap
1-1-D: Section 2iC - Vespr

1 Troop / 2 Section
1-2-C: Section Leader - Morigen
1-2-D: Section 2iC - Hemmeroids

1 Troop / 3 Section
1-3-C: Section Leader - Mad Mick
1-3-D: Section 2iC - Malachi

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