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Open Event - Op Catapult: Friday 30th July - 20:00hrs BST

Posted by: JoeEmp » Fri Jul 23, 2021 11:05 pm
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Author: Joodles
Zeus: Joodles


Server Info:
Modset: Public Modset
Server: Public
IP: game.3commandobrigade.com
Port: 2362

Public Server Restart: 19:30
Joining Teamspeak From: 19:30
Mission Start: 20:00

If you need technical help please join the `Technical Help` channel on our Teamspeak and wait for assistance.


25th May 2015

The small islands of Pulau Gurun and Pulau Monyet are part of the larger archipelago which form the nation Rumah positioned in the Philippine Sea. Rumah sits over a large cobalt deposit which has attracted foreign investment and industry for many years. The exploitation of the islands following their independence has left a vacuum. This power struggle has birthed a well funded and well organised opposition to the NATO backed RDF (Rumah Defense Force) in the form of the FPA (Free Peoples Army).

Yesterday afternoon a RDF FOB on Pulau Gurun was attacked and overrun by the FPA. They have stolen a variety of weapon systems and supplies, most notably 2 M151 Jeeps with mounted TOW launchers. Captured enemies have confirmed the stolen vehicles are being stored at a hilltop base used by the FPA and that this afternoon at sunset the FPA plan to use the TOW launchers to attack the RDF airfield to the south.


1 Troop are to attack Objective Chris to locate and destroy all stolen TOW launchers.


Figure 1. Map of the AO.

Figure 2. M151 Jeeps in use by the RDF.

  • 0600 hrs.

  • Light cloud coverage. Expected to persist.
  • Light southern wind. Expected to persist.
  • Chance of rain: Nill. Expected to persist.
  • No fog. Expected to persist.
  • Temperature: 16-19°C.

IED / Mine threat:
  • No IED / Mine threat is expected.


Company Command, Bravo Company, 40 Commando:
  • Command Element of Whiskey Company under the leadership of 0-A.
  • Standard MTP gear.

    1 Troop, Bravo Company, 40 Commando:
    • Troop sized element under the leadership of 1-0A.
    • Standard MTP gear.

    2 Troop, Bravo Company, 45 Commando:
    • Troop sized element under the leadership of 2-0A.
    • Standard MTP gear.
    • Deploying to Gurun Airfield.

    3 Troop, Bravo Company, 45 Commando:
    • Troop sized element under the leadership of 3-0A.
    • Standard MTP gear.
    • Held in reserve at Monyet Airfield.

2nd Air Sqdn, Rumah Defense Force:
  • 2 Flights of MH-6 Littlebirds.
  • Standard ERDL gear.
  • Providing transport for Bravo Company.

3rd Air Sqdn, Rumah Defense Force:
  • 1x Attached AH-6M Littlebird.
  • Standard ERDL gear.
  • Providing CAS for Bravo Company.


Free Peoples Army:
  • Well-equipped irregulars with late soviet equipment.
  • Limited mechanised capability.
  • Local forces are preparing for an attack to the south, constant state of readiness.
  • Morale is high following recent victories.


  • Civilians expected in towns.


  • Troop Resupply available from Rumah Defense Force.

  • Fire Support available from Jaguar 6-1.

  • CTP tent carried by Troop.


  • Weapon Control Order: At the discretion of Troop Commander.
  • Avoid HE in built-up areas.
  • Civilian casualties are to be avoided.
  • Bayonets to be used only when assaulting known Enemy positions.


Note: Before taking a role, please read the relevant SOP and check whether you have the required skills and knowledge to perform this role properly. If you read it and feel you are unsuited for the role, please do not take it.

Coy HQ
0-A: Company Commander - Zeus

1 Troop HQ
1-0-A: Troop Commander - Lifetap
1-0-B: Troop 2iC - Nemiuk
1-0: Medic -

1 Troop / 1 Section
1-1-C: Section Leader - Hemeroids
1-1-D: Section 2iC - Vespr

1 Troop / 2 Section
1-2-C: Section Leader -
1-2-D: Section 2iC - Tiberius

1 Troop / 3 Section
1-3-C: Section Leader - Zach
1-3-D: Section 2iC - Vecingettorix

1 Troop / 4 Section
1-4-C: Section Leader -
1-4-D: Section 2iC -

Widow 4-1
4-1: Forward Air Controller - DataHood

Jaguar 6-1 (AH-6M Littlebird)
Jaguar 6-1: Pilot - Aeobrix
Jaguar 6-1: Co-Pilot - Locked until 21+ sign-ups

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