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Open Event - Operation Caerus - Friday 29th - 2000BST

Posted by: Lifetap » Sat Jul 02, 2022 5:44 pm
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27th September 2015

Barely a year has passed since Russia annexed Crimea. The Russo-Ukrainian War has grown in intensity and breadth as more forces have widened the frontline. Intent on liberating seperatist regions in the east of Ukraine, Russia began to mass its troops in sympathetic Belarus along Ukraines northern border.

In August Russian and Belarussian troops attacked from the north intent on seizing Kyiv. Over the following month this attack faltered and the spearhead that was driven towards the capital became another front line. 

Nine days ago, on the 18th of September, a Belarussian armoured column situated in the west pushed across the Polish border before moving to occupied territory in Ukraine. Polish forces quickly began to deploy to their eastern border where more Belarussian incursions occurred. A NATO ultimatum to halt all further action against Poland was issued and expired last night with no definitive reply.

Charlie Company of 40 Commando were already present in Ukraine training Ukrainian forces when this occurred. By the expiration of the deadline last night three troops of the company had deployed into Belarus.

Behind the frontline, 2 Troop are observing a supply route used by the Russian forces. Intelligence indicates that a flight of Ka-52 attack helicopters is to conduct an attack on a key part of the front line and has revealed where they are currently located. Close to where 2 Troop have set up their patrol harbour, the opportunity cannot be wasted.

The flight is expected to take off in 130 minutes at 08:10. Destroying the aircraft will prevent the attack and cripple the enemy in the local region.


2 Troop is to locate and destroy enemy attack helicopters.


Figure 1. Map of AO.

  • 0600 hrs local.

  • Rain. Expected to persist.
  • Cloud coverage. Expected to persist.
  • Light morning Fog. Expected to lift.
  • Northerly wind. Expected to persist.
  • Temperature: 2°C - 4°C.

IED / Mine threat:
  • None.


Company Command, Charlie Company, 40 Commando:
  • Command Element of Charlie Company under the leadership of 0-A.
  • Standard MTP gear.

    2 Troop, Charlie Company, 40 Commando:
    • Troop sized element under the leadership of 2-0A.
    • Standard MTP gear.


429th Motor Rifle Regiment, 19th Motor Rifle Division, 58th Combined Arms Army of the Russian Federation:
  • Well-equipped army with russian equipment.
  • Extensive motorised capability.
  • Limited mechanised capability in local area.
  • Majority of local forces are in transit to the east.
  • Limited force expected at helicopter sites.

6965th Aviation Base, 941st Fighter Aviation Regiment, 1st Aerospace Defence Forces Army:
  • Well-equipped air force with russian equipment.
  • Locally operating 3 x Ka-52 attack helicopters and 4 x Mi-8 transport helicopters.
  • Preparing for sortie against Polish defences in the east.
  • Limited defensive force expected at helicopter sites.


  • Limited number of locals possible around farms.
  • Intent unknown.


  • None.

  • None.

  • CTP tent carried by Troop HQ.


  • Weapon Control Order: At the discretion of the Troop Commander.


Note: Before taking a role, please read the relevant SOP and check whether you have the required skills and knowledge to perform this role properly. If you read it and feel you are unsuited for the role, please do not take it.

2 Troop, Charlie Company, 40 Commando:
  • Standard 3CB.

  • 4 - 4 sections.

Coy HQ
0-A: Company Commander - Zeus

2 Troop HQ
2-0-A: Troop Commander - 
2-0-B: Troop 2iC - 

2 Troop / 1 Section
2-1-C: Section Leader - 
2-1-D: Section 2iC - 

2 Troop / 2 Section
2-2-C: Section Leader - 
2-2-D: Section 2iC - 

2 Troop / 3 Section
2-3-C: Section Leader - 
2-3-D: Section 2iC -

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