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Open Event - Op Castor - Friday 30th June - 20:00BST

Posted by: JoeEmp » Mon May 29, 2023 1:33 pm
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Server Info:
Modset: Public Modset
Server: Public
IP: game.3commandobrigade.com
Port: 2362

Public Server Restart: 19:30
Joining Teamspeak From: 19:30
Mission Start: 20.00

If you need technical help please join the `Technical Help` channel on our Teamspeak and wait for assistance.


Tuvanaka Island, Tanoa, Horizon Islands, South Pacific Ocean. 7th March 2022.

The Horizon Islands, a group of small islands located in the South Pacific Ocean, are currently facing political turmoil due to external exploitation and power struggles. The islands sit on a large copper deposit, which has attracted foreign investment and industry for years. As a result of this exploitation, a well-funded and well-organized opposition group called the FPA (Free Peoples Army) has emerged, opposing the NATO-backed HIDF (Horizon Island Defence Force) and multiple affiliate criminal groups.

The FPA operates locally from Sosovu and Yasa, two small islands that are part of the Horizon Islands archipelago. They have been engaging in illegal activities such as the piracy of local fishermen and racketeering in Georgetown. There are suspicions that the local Gendarmerie may be complicit in their actions. Recently, the FPA has escalated their attacks and targeted international shipping in the wider region and HIDF forces on the mainland.

With 2 Para & Pathfinder Platoon having been engaged in continued fighting on the mainland, follow-up forces have arrived at the islands to offer further support. In the continued fighting and mass grounds gained by FPA forces, multiple HIDF commanders have split from the governmental line, proclaiming islands surrounding Tanoa to have split. With this, 45 Commando with attached 653 Sqn from 3 AAC, offering local support due to the believed Mechinsed capability of the focus on the Tuvanaka Island. During the night, 2 & 3 Platoon secured a crossing for 1 Platoon to allow them to push through and begin the push through the island.


B Company, 45 Commando has been tasked with conducting an attack on Tuvanaka island in an effort to engage and destroy local HIDF split-off forces.


Figure 1. Map of the AO.

  • 0445 hrs local.

  • Light cloud coverage. Expected to persist.
  • Low Fog. Expected to persist.
  • Northerly wind. Expected to persist.
  • Temperature: 33°C - 35°C.

IED / Mine threat:
  • Unknown Mine Threat.
  • No IEDs expected.


Bravo Company, 45 Commando, 3 Commando Brigade :
  • Command Element of the Bravo Company.
  • MTP gear.

    1st Platoon, B Coy, 45 Commando:
    • Platoon sized element under the leadership of 1-0A.
    • MTP gear.

    2nd Platoon, B Coy, 45 Commando:
    • Platoon sized element under the leadership of 2-0A.
    • MTP gear.
    • Holding south of bridge crossing.

    3nd Platoon, B Coy, 45 Commando:
    • Platoon sized element under the leadership of 3-0A.
    • MTP gear.
    • Holding north of bridge crossing.

A Flight, 653 Squadron, 3 Regiment Army Air Corps (3 Regt AAC):
  • 2x Apache AH-64Ds.
  • MTP gear.
  • Attached to B Coy, 45 Commando providing reconnaissance & combat support.


Split HIDF (Horizon Island Defence Force):
  • Well-trained & well-equipped forces with various equipment types.
  • Unknown concentration of forces within the AO, however, is believed to be a mixed concentration of mechanised & motorised force.


  • Low Civilian presence.
  • Majority of civilian presence has fled or is fleeing.


  • Resupply will be organised via rotary assets.

  • CAS rotary support is available from 653 Squadron.

  • CTP tent carried by Platoon HQ.


  • Weapon Control Order: At the discretion of Platoon commanders.
  • Avoid HE in built-up areas.
  • Civilian casualties are to be avoided.
  • Bayonets to be used only when assaulting known Enemy positions.


Note: Before taking a role, please read the relevant SOP and check whether you have the required skills and knowledge to perform this role properly. If you read it and feel unsuited for the role, please do not take it.

Bravo Company, 45 Commando, 3 Commando Brigade (3CB).
  • L85A3s, L110A3s & L129A1s.
  • GPS.
  • Personal and LR Radios.
  • Standard 4 - 4 sections.

1 Platoon HQ
1-0-A: Platoon Commander -
1-0-B: Platoon 2iC -

1 Platoon / 1 Section
1-1-C: Section Leader -
1-1-D: Section 2iC -

1 Platoon / 2 Section
1-2-C: Section Leader -
1-2-D: Section 2iC -

1 Platoon / 3 Section
1-3-C: Section Leader -
1-3-D: Section 2iC -

Widow 4-1
4-1: Forward Air Controller - Locked Until 21 Sign-Ups

Outlaw 6-1: Apache AH-64D
Outlaw 6-1: Pilot - Locked Until 21 Sign-Ups
Outlaw 6-1: Co-Pilot (Needs to be able to fly) - Locked Until 21 Sign-Ups

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