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3CB Factions - Release

Posted by: Lifetap » Mon Mar 11, 2024 7:11 pm
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We're very pleased to announce version 8.0.0 of 3CB Factions. 




Release notes 8.0.0

  • Added AR-10 7.62mm rifle
  • Added Carl Gustav M/45 submachine gun
  • Added CDF reskins of UH-1H
  • Added Civilian reskins for AN-2
  • Added Civilian reskins of UH-1H
  • Added CSAT Factions in various environment camouflage
  • Added Forklift to civilian factions
  • Added HS-50 sniper rifle
  • Added Katiba rifles in 5.56mm
  • Added M1919 Browning machine gun
  • Added M47 / Saeghe 2 AT launcher
  • Added M72A1 / LAW66 launcher
  • Added MAT-49 submachine gun
  • Added MAZ 543 truck variants
  • Added Middle East Civilians (MEC) to all sides
  • Added Missing map icons for 3CB variants of RHS M113s
  • Added more variants of the Modular Carrier Vest
  • Added New optic ranging for AP and HE rounds on SPG-9 Hilux, Pickup, Land Rover and SPG Fishing Boat. Can be switched with +/- on keypad 
  • Added PKM static turrets to RHS CDF and Russian factions
  • Added PPsh-41 35rnd stick magazines
  • Added P320 Sig Sauer pistol
  • Added QB rifles in 5.56mm
  • Added ROV water drones
  • Added RPD light machine gun
  • Added RPK black with optics and suppressor and 40rnd 7.62 magazines
  • Added Shahed to CSAT and Takistan Army Opfor side
  • Added Super Hinds to a number of factions
  • Added SVD magazines to CBA magazine well
  • Added T28 Trojan to AAF, FIA, HIDF, ION and MDF factions
  • Added Tec-9 pistol in Semi and Full auto variants
  • Added Top rail to early M16 variants without rails for optics
  • Added Uzi submachine gun and micro UZI submachine pistol
  • Added V-22 Osprey variants
  • Added Zoaf pistol
  • Fixed AAF Indfor backpack classname issue
  • Fixed Assault Pack naming throughout to match BIS convention
  • Fixed Caps not having the same mass as BIS caps
  • Fixed Caps without ear defenders/earpiece having ACE3 protection
  • Fixed Eye position on FN FAL Para RIS
  • Fixed Eye position on USP Pistol being too close
  • Fixed GAF M88 uniform flags being flipped
  • Fixed G3 variants without side rails having side rail attachment options
  • Fixed HK33 accuracy difference
  • Fixed Incorrectly named ammo on Hilux Rocket variant
  • Fixed Incorrectly named APD Land Rover variants
  • Fixed Incorrectly named LDF M240 groups to UKM
  • Fixed Incorrectly named TKP Indfor Hilux M2 variant
  • Fixed Invisible MELB helicopters in NATO, CSAT and AAF factions when in Zeus
  • Fixed M113 turnout FFV issue
  • Fixed Magazinewell compatibilities on weapons
  • Fixed Missing ammunition on FIA M240 Gunner and Ammo bearer
  • Fixed Missing MILAN bags from Virtual Arsenal
  • Fixed Missing Picture-in-Picture on Bell 412 / Griffon FLIR screens
  • Fixed Multiple Binlog errors
  • Fixed MP5A2 and A3 variants not hiding front grip when flashlight attachment added
  • Fixed MP5 Surefire flashlight brightness
  • Fixed MP510 from being able to load BIS 9mm magazines
  • Fixed Position of external 3rd person camera on Chieftain and M60 tanks
  • Fixed SKS .rvmat fog issue
  • Fixed SSH-68 helmet naming throughout
  • Fixed Unavailable exterior AAV getin FFV positions
  • Removed G36 magazines from CBA STANAG magazine well group
  • Removed Steyr Aug magazines from CBA STANAG magazine well group
  • Replaced Bren Gun models with better versions
  • Replaced Soviet Early and Late uniforms and kit with better RHS versions

This is all largely thanks to Evrik's hard work

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