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3CB Factions - Release

Posted by: Lifetap » Mon May 09, 2022 5:25 pm
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We're very pleased to announce version 6.0.0 of 3CB Factions. 





Release notes 6.0.0

  • Added ACR 5.56mm rifle variants
  • Added Bell 412 helicopter variants
  • Added CZ-550 hunting rifle
  • Added Cessna Minigun, M2, and Bomb proxy loadout variants
  • Added Backpack, clothing, face gear, head gear, vests and uniform reskins for new factions
  • Added Black and tan kneepads
  • Added Douglas AC47 'Spooky' gunship
  • Added Douglas C47 passenger and cargo variant aircraft
  • Added Douglas DC3 passenger aircraft
  • Added FN FAL variants
  • Added FV4201 'Chieftain' tank
  • Added Hilux Ambulance, BMP, BTR-60, Igla Chair, M2, Metis, Mortar, TOW, Vulcan Cannon, and raised front-firing Zu-23 variants
  • Added Karzeghistan Royal Guard (KRG) faction to all sides
  • Added Li-2 Russian-made Douglas C47 aircraft
  • Added Livonia Defence Force (LDF) faction to all sides
  • Added Livonia Forest Rangers (LFR) faction to all sides
  • Added Livonia Nationalist Militia (LNM) faction to all sides
  • Added Livonia Separatist Militia (LSM) faction to all sides
  • Added M270 chassis Avenger AA, cargo, and transport vehicle
  • Added M270 MLRS artillery vehicle
  • Added Middle East Insurgents (MEE) faction to Indfor and Opfor
  • Added Middle East Insurgents (MEI) faction to all sides
  • Added Mig-21 'Fishbed' jet
  • Added Olive SF backpacks
  • Added PPsh-41
  • Added RM-70 MLRS artillery vehicle
  • Added SKS
  • Added Springfield rifle
  • Added Static PKM turrets
  • Added Steyr Aug variants
  • Added STGW-57 rifle variants
  • Added T-810 trucks
  • Added HK USP pistol
  • Created new fire geometries for old T-series tanks, and M60A1 / A3
  • Fixed Aim point on SUV Minigun variant
  • Fixed Attributes on RHS vehicle reskins
  • Fixed FAMAS tracer magazine name and incorrect tracer rounds
  • Fixed HK G3A4 iron sights showing wrong range
  • Fixed HMG and SF HMG, GMG and SF GMG Land Rover allowing AI to fire
  • Fixed M1025 M2 Humvee missing passenger slots
  • Fixed M16 variants iron sights max zeroing
  • Fixed MDF SF AT gunner having RPG-7 instead of MAAWs
  • Fixed Missing bounding boxes and slingload points on static M240s, RBS-70 launcher and Searchlight
  • Fixed Nogovan Police Department Blufor / Opfor infantry having incorrect magazines
  • Fixed Open faces on Rhib and Rhib Gunboat
  • Fixed RBS-70 turret not being placeable in Zeus for AAF and MDF factions
  • Fixed Rear lights on Mutt Jeep always being on
  • Fixed RPK iron sights at 1000m
  • Fixed Windows on SUV variants at later visual LODs
  • Fixed Wreck models on AC-500, AN-2, Cessna, Mig-21, and Mystere 
  • Reduced Section Count on a number of vehicles and weapons to improve performance
  • Replaced M16A1 Rifleman in Cold War Late Infantry Groups with M16A2

This is all largely thanks to Evrik's hard work

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