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3CB Vehicles - JACKAL 2 released!

Posted by: Apollo » Thu Dec 11, 2014 6:22 pm
Forum: News

Just released from your 3CB mod team is an update to our @3CB_BAF_Vehicles mod, adding the much-anticipated Jackal 2.

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We have taken this model, which Aplion released open source since he finished working on it, and have fixed all the bugs (zero rpt errors), plus added a number of improvements:
- fixed bone skeleton errors
- fixed speed wobble
- fixed gunners field-of-view
- added sling-loading capability
- added FFV (firing from vehicle)
- added integration of long-range radio (TFAR) in vehicle

Please congratulate the mod team consisting of Andy, Evrik, Lifetap and Goodson for the excellent work they have done to bring this to fruition.
Super job guys.

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