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3CB Mods Released

1, 2 Posted by: Apollo » Tue Nov 04, 2014 1:39 pm
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3 Commando Brigade are proud to release the first in a series of mods designed to bring the modern day look and feel of equipment to the British Armed Forces (BAF), specifically the Royal Marines Commandos.


3CB BAF UNITS introduces a set of infantry, clothed in all-new custom-designed accurate Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) uniforms, utilising StalkerGB's British Infantry vests, backpacks and helmets (@stkr_bi) and Trixies British Weapons (@trixie_britishweapons). An added bonus is a Royal Naval helicopter pilot uniform and helmet.


Uses Stalker's British Infantry mod (@stkr_bi), with a few changes:
- replaces the uniforms, adding alternative British Royal Marine Commando MTP uniforms, re-textures of the standard ArmA 3 AAF uniform
- infantry units wear Stalker's Osprey body armour and helmets
- adds a new Blufor side faction named "BAF", with sub-divisions following the standard A3 naming conventions
- modifies the gear loadouts for all units, increasing the kit carried in most cases
- increases the variety of backpacks used
- close-combat Sections ready to be placed directly from the Editor (Groups)
- choice of Fire-Team (4 man), Light Section (8 man, incl. LSW and Minimi) or Heavy Section (8 man, incl. L129 DMR and GPMG)
- Zeus and @Alive compatible

Adds a British Royal Navy helicopter pilot with accurate Coveralls and Helmet, re-textures of the standard ArmA 3 models.



Texture Artist: Arka [3CB]
Configuration: Nemiuk & Apollo [3CB]
Inventory Icons: Arka [3CB]
Mod Icons: Goodson [3CB]
Project Management: Apollo [3CB]
oh yeah, Nulljeager [3CB] for his trousers!


For the first release within this modset we have two British Lynx Wildcat helicopter re-skins. Using the ArmA 3 AAF Hellcat model, we have created accurate replica's of a real Royal Navy transport Wildcat and a British Army AH1 CAS bird.


The AgustaWestland AW159 Lynx Wildcat is an improved version of the Westland Super Lynx military helicopter.
The AW159 will serve in the battlefield utility, search and rescue and anti-surface warfare roles.
The helicopter has been ordered for the Royal Navy (28) and British Army (34).
Entry into service with front-line units: January 2015
Stationed: RNAS Yeovilton

In game, the AAF Hellcat is quite a close replica of the real Wildcat. A notable difference is the replacement of wheels with skids.
This mod re-skins the Hellcat accurately in the colours and markings of real-life Lynx Wildcats currently serving with British Armed Forces:

- Royal Navy AW-159 Lynx Wildcat HMA Mk2, S/N ZZ396 (cn 481)
Registered Westlands, Yeovil, 4th Jan 2013
Transport version in grey camo

- British Army AW-159 Lynx Wildcat AH1, S/N ZZ400 (cn 462)
First Flight 12th Nov 2009
Armed version (mini gun & rockets) in green camo



Texture Artist: Arka [3CB]
Mod Icons: Goodson [3CB]
Configuration: Apollo [3CB]
Project Management: Apollo [3CB]


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