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3CB Factions - Release

Posted by: Lifetap » Thu Oct 03, 2019 5:02 pm
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I'm very pleased to announce version 2.0 of 3CB Factions has now been released on the Steam Workshop for the community, adding 5 new factions:

  • Chernarus Police Department
  • Cold War (Early) Soviet Forces
  • Cold War (Late) Soviet Forces
  • Cold War (Early) US Forces
  • Cold War (Late) US Forces

Also included are a host of other fixes and additions.

  • Added ACE Rearm compatibility to all Reammo vehicles
  • Added Finnish Defence Force textures to T-55 and MT-LB
  • Added Increased equipment options in Virtual Arsenal
  • Added M14
  • Added M151 ‘Mutt’ Jeep to Cold War US and RHS Horizon Island Defence Force
  • Added M16a1, M16a1 Bipod, M16 Commando Carbine
  • Added M60 MG
  • Added M939 truck variants to Cold War US and RHS Horizon Island Defence Force
  • Added Mig 29 to Opfor Takistan Army
  • Added Missing Helmet + Googles UI image to Afghan Border Police
  • Added MTVR truck variants to RHS US Army and Horizon Island Defence Force
  • Added Nomex Coveralls
  • Added Option to disable vehicle texture randomization at mission start, allowing mission makers to select specific textures for vehicles
  • Added Siren option to all Police Ground Vehicles
  • Added Two extra civilian skins to Datsun
  • Added UN Humvees
  • Adjusted armour values on MaxxPro engine
  • Changed Some Ghillie Suit grass colours
  • Fixed Armour values of Opfor Takistan Militia uniform
  • Fixed damage hide issue on Lada trunk
  • Fixed Hilux PKM / GMG gunner proxy in Fire Geometry
  • Fixed Incorrect direction of DSHKM cartridge ejection on T-72 series
  • Fixed Incorrect inheritance for Takistan Army Headgear
  • Fixed Lee Enfield, RPK, and M16 weights
  • Fixed SCUD inheritance bug breaking RHS Scarab launch
  • Fixed T-55 wreck using Takistan Army skin
  • Fixed TKM Blufor not working in ALIVE Orbat
  • Fixed trailing, in Indfor Chernarus Civilian Militia (CCM)
  • Replaced Arma 2 port of BRDM-2 with RHS Version
  • Removed BI weapons / magazines from MaxxPro inventory
  • Removed Empty visual LOD from T-series tank

This is all largely thanks to Evrik's hard work

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