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ArmA 3 and 3 Commando Brigade

Posted by: Goodson » Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:02 pm
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ArmA 3's Alpha release is a big thing for all ArmA communities with nearly every ArmA fan owning a copy already. So, what does this mean for the 3 Commando Brigade? Although A3 has already shown us many improvements over A2 it is still lacking major content and has also brought many bugs of its own.

In its current state it would not be wise for us to switch over to A3 for our official operations. Instead we shall continue to play on good old A2 for the time being, at least until ArmA3 is in a more useful state. Operations will continue to run as normal every Saturday night.


Note: The ArmA3 server will continue to run as normal.

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