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Veteran Dogs to be Destroyed!

Posted by: Shimmer » Fri Dec 01, 2017 4:56 pm
Forum: News

Hey everyone

I know this is probably being posted in the wrong section of the forum but for that I apologise.

I just thought that we all members and non members should be aware of whats happening to dogs of war after the conflict.

There is a little section with in the petition that talks about the person who started the petition (I will let you find out who it is ;) ) was on a patrol when one of these dogs saved his life from an IED.

Below I've linked a petition that has been started in attempt to safe the lives of a few of those dogs.

If those that are in charge of the socials could put the link to the petition up there I'm sure we could reach alot more people.

Defence Animal Centre Save Our Veteran Dogs

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