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3CB Factions - Release

Posted by: Lifetap » Tue Sep 01, 2020 8:04 pm
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I've very pleased to announce version 3.0.0 of 3CB Factions has now been released on Steam.  This update adds seven African factions, builds on the original AAF as well as improving upon the existing factions and vehicles.



- Added AAF Faction (AAF)
- Added AAVP-7A1
- Added African Desert Army Faction (ADA)
- Added African Desert Army Paramilitaries (ADR)
- Added African Desert Civilians (ADC)
- Added African Desert Civilian Militia (ADG)
- Added African Desert Extremists (ADE)
- Added African Desert Militia (ADM)
- Added African Desert Police (ADP)
- Added AK-47 Assault Rifle
- Added Beacons and Siren to Police BTR-40 and Gaz Vodnik Medevac 
- Added Beacons to Police Datsun, Hilux, Land Rovers, Gaz Vodnik, Gaz Volha and YAVA motorbike
- Added Bicycles
- Added Blowpipe AA
- Added Bren Light Machine Gun
- Added Browning HP Pistol
- Added CHDKZ T-55 and MT-LB textures
- Added Equipment for new factions
- Added G3 Assault Rifle
- Added Horizon Island Defence Force & IDAP Medevac UH1H variant
- Added HK33 Assault Rifle
- Added M60A1 & M60A3 tank variants
- Added M939 MLRS variant
- Added M939 Zu23 variant
- Added Magazine and grenade Proxies to AK-47, FNFALs, G3s, HK33s, RPK, M16s, and M14s
- Added MaxxPro Green and Woodland variants
- Added MG3 Machine Gun
- Added Motorbikes
- Added MT-LB Zu23 variant
- Added MTVR MLRS variant
- Added MTVR Zu23 variant
- Added RPK-74 Light Machine Gun
- Added Side-specific tracer magazines (red, yellow, green, and white)
- Added Skoda Octavia
- Added Desert & Soviet Scud textures
- Added Sterling submachine gun
- Added SUV 4x4 Civilian, Armed, and Armoured VIP variants
- Added Tanoa and Winter versions of Static Bunkers - with option to hide camo net
- Added unarmed nest bunkers under Structures > Military
- Added working hidden textures to AN-2, T-34, T-55 and UH1H wreck models
- Added working pedal animations to all wheeled vehicles
- Added working additional dials to wheeled vehicles where possible
- Changed Engine damage effect - more in line with RHS
- Changed M1 helmets for RHS versions
- Changed M79 for RHS version
- Changed T-34, T-55 Engine Sounds - no more turbine!
- Changed UH1H Unarmed, Armed and Gunship Hueys to RHS versions
- Changed Weapon muzzle flashes to RHS versions
- Fixed Cold War Early Soviet Spotter had wrong magazines
- Fixed Incorrect civilian uniform inheritance
- Fixed Multiple bugs and .rpt errors
- Fixed Mutt Jeep TOW launcher not tracking while firing in 3rd Person
- Fixed SelectionID .rpt spam while using ACE3
- Fixed SU25 ammo / pylon / mfd .rpt errors
- Fixed UH1H Medevac not exploding when destroyed
- Improved driver animations
- Improved MaxxPro .smdi 
- Improved shared textures to reduce duplication
- Improved Wheeled vehicles tyre friction / slip values - no more driving on ice!
- Removed incorrectly added vehicles from BIS NATO, CSAT, AAF factions
- Removed Land Rover (Open) rear windows from Pilot LOD

This is once again largely thanks to Evrik's hard work

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