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Please Select your Favourite Missions
Gunkizli - Boreas 14%  14%  [ 9 ]
Chernarus - Triglav 21%  21%  [ 14 ]
Reshmaan - Operation Ursus 27%  27%  [ 18 ]
Takistan - Hearts & Minds 38%  38%  [ 25 ]
Total votes : 66
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Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:25 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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Favourite Mission Selection (part two)

We are currently sorting out a new mission rotation. Please select below your favourite missions/maps leaving blank any you do not enjoy as much.
The missions that people like the least will not be removed but will be used less giving preferential time to the missions people enjoy.
If you wish to leave reasons for these choices IE: Buggy, not liking the map, not liking the mission type please do so below.
We will run this until members come up with a definitive list of prefared maps.

Thanks for your participation 

Link to Part One below

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