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Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 5:58 am     Super secret spam barrier

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Battlefield V

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know that the next battlefield game has been named and as the title suggest is called "Battlefield V", now I am not sure if the V stands for 5 or something else. Just wanted to know your thoughts.



Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 9:03 am     Super secret spam barrier

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Personally I lost all interest in Battlefield BF1 was the absolutely low point for me in the entire series (apart from Hardline which was more of a full price add-on).Apart from their sports games, Battlefield is the top franchise for EA and BF! still sold very well. It doesn't matter too much that the game lost most of it's player base rather fast and that the game had a lot of issues. Enough people spend their money on it. I doubt that EA will take any real risk to (from my point of view) improve the game.

Since EA is still spending a lot of money, it will be impossible to make a completely bad game. BF1 was not completely terrible, but It was very mediocre and had some terrible gameplay aspects (map design, sweespot mechanic, run around in a circle meta-game etc.) So the next BF will probably very similar and that makes it uninteresting for me. I rather have my horses on Post Scriptum, Hell let loose, Insurgency: Sandstorm and fof course ArmA.

I am pretty sure V will be in WW2, because EA is lazy and they can re-use a ton of assets from BF1. 

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BF1 got me hyped 2 years ago, I was really interested how DICE would pull the WWI theme off and after spending a good 50 hours in MP I kinda realized that this game wasn't for me. There were many things that I hated about the game and in general it was a big disappointment for me even though there were some nice aspects. Seems like with time, and especially as the game got older, EA gave more leeway to DICE and they could start to redo and rebalance core mechanics. It was interesting to see that such fundamental changes are happening like early 2018. 

This shows me (especially as I've seen BF4 grow up as well) that DICE is learning from its mistakes but it just seems to me that they are perfectly capable of adding as many new flaws as old ones they've fixed. I think with BF1 they just wanted to revolutionize the BF experience too much (possibly due to pressure from EA).

With BF V, I really hope that DICE will revert most of its bad changes from BF1 and that they'll be able to find this perfect mix of old and new features. 

As of BF V's theme, it really could be anything. There haven't been any leaks or even proper rumors about the setting (I remeber that the very first leak about BF1's theme was from some shop extremely early saying that it's a WWI game and everyone was like "this must be fake, WWI would be bonkers"). The V could mean 5 and as BF 2-3-4 were modern age games I guess 5 would be one as well. But then it could've been 5 only not V. V might be there for Vietnam which is quite self-explanatory. Or maybe victory and a WWII game? We'll see. WWII might seem like the most logical move: partially to counter CoD:WW2's success, carry on the chronology from BF1 or just to do a fan service to everyone who got disappointed by the WWI setting.

Personally, I'd like to see a modern setting again, I just love the era and generally devs get the best creative freedom with this setting, there's no need to be historically accurate. I think BF4 is the best BF game to date but it's starting to show its age so I'd love to have a successor to it. But probably regardless of the setting I'd buy it, I still have my faith in the franchise and I like the way DICE is going so I'm really optimistic. 

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