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Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2021 6:32 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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3CB Factions - Release

I've very pleased to announce version 4.0.0 of 3CB Factions.  This update adds ChDSZ, ChDZZ, and ChDKZ and NAPA factions, a range of small boats as well as improving upon the existing factions and vehicles.

Added 2S6M Tunguska AAA
Added AK-47N  with RHS optics options
Added Armoured SUV with no flag to AAF, ADA, TKA factions
Added BMD-2 to Cold War Late Soviets
Added ChDSZ, ChDZZ, and ChDKZ factions
Added Digital 24hr clock to Hilux
Added FFV to AAV Commander and Gunner
Added Fishing Boat (Armed, Unarmed, and Vehicle in Vehicle variants)
Added Four extra cargo seats to AAV
Added GAZ-66 trucks
Added KrAZ-255B1 trucks
Added LAV-25
Added LAV-C2
Added MAZ 543 Scud Launcher to AAF Opfor
Added MERDC camouflage options to AAV, LAVs, and M60s
Added Missing AAF desert uniforms and helmets
Added NAPA faction to all sides
Added Operation Red Harvest US insignia patch
Added Optional AAF desert skin to AAF Quadbike
Added Optional External Kit to M60A3 basket
Added Randomized External Kit to AAV, with option to disable via attributes and manual select via Virtual Garage 
Added RPK-74N with RHS optics options
Added Searchlights
Added Small Boats
Added Tactical Backpack and TFAR radio variants
Added T-80 variants to Cold War Late Soviets
Added TFAR variants for a number of backpacks 
Added ZiL-131 trucks
Fixed AA units incorrect displaying Strela rather than Igla
Fixed AN-2 pylon system
Fixed AAF AA unit display name
Fixed AAV tracks being visible in cabin while turned out
Fixed Bounding Box Positions on all vehicles
Fixed cba_a3 magwell compatibility for AK47, FNFAL, G3, HK33, M14, M16, M60, MG3 and RPK
Fixed clan logo and clan sign not leaning with motorbikes
Fixed Hide Flag animation on BTR-40 and T-34 to allow mission makers to manually hide or unhide
Fixed HK33A1 / A2 name correction
Fixed M60A3 engine damage rate while submerged
Fixed Missing sounds on M60 turret
Fixed Multiple .rpt errors
Fixed Multiple versions of the BRDM appearing BLU_F, IND_F, OPF_F in Zeus menu
Fixed Vodnik PKM rear PKM feedcover not moving with rest of gun
Fixed Vodnik Rear Wheels ACE remove / repair issue

This is once again largely thanks to Evrik's hard work

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