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Posted: Tue Jul 06, 2021 5:10 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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3CB Factions - Release

We're very pleased to announce version 5.0.0 of 3CB Factions. 

This update adds the Ardistan, Kolgujev, Malden and Nogovan factions along with a number of vehicles and weapons, including: Aero Commander 500, Cessna 172, T-41 Mescalero, Mystere, CZ 75, Famas F1,  M16A2, RBS-70 static launcher and the older 2S6 Tunguska.


Release notes 5.0.0

  • Added ACH Choc Chip Helmet variant
  • Added Aero Commander 500 
  • Added Animated Dovetail Mount to AK47 and RPK
  • Added Ardistan Army faction to all sides
  • Added Australian Army camouflage variant to LAV 
  • Added BI License plate system to older cars
  • Added Binoculars to dedicated Crew units loadouts
  • Added Cessna 172 and T-41 Mescalero
  • Added ChDSZ, ChDZZ, and ChDKZ Winter infantry variants
  • Added CZ 75 Czechmate pistol
  • Added Donated MTLB Nogovan Defence Force texture as optional in Virtual Garage
  • Added Early T-80s variants to Early Soviet faction
  • Added Famas F1 and Famas F1 M203
  • Added FFV to T-34 commander and gunner
  • Added FFV to T-55 commander and gunner
  • Added FFV to T-72 gunner
  • Added Kolgujev Army faction to all sides
  • Added Land Cruiser
  • Added Large Fishing Vessel
  • Added M1025 TOW to Blufor AAF
  • Added M240 Turrets - Iron Sights and Elcan optic variants
  • Added Malden Defence Force faction to all sides
  • Added Mystere Fighter Bomber
  • Added New backpacks
  • Added New M16A2 model and renamed existing to M16A3
  • Added New MP5 variants
  • Added Nogovan Freedom Alliance (Operation Flashpoint-style FIA) to all sides
  • Added Nogova Police Department
  • Added Patchless variants of Woodland uniforms
  • Added Pickups
  • Added Older 2S6 Tunguska
  • Added RBS-70 static launcher
  • Added RHS towing system to suitable vehicles
  • Added T-80s to Soviet Late faction

  • Changed Inheritance from rhs_assault_umbts_engineer to rhs_assault_umbts_engineer_empty on engineer packs to remove toolkit automatically loading
  • Changed Reload speeds on T-55 and T-34 to match real life average rounds per minute
  • Changed Scud tyre material from tyre.rvmat to tyre_armoured.rvmat
  • Changed Takistan militia factions Sniper to use older Dragunov rifle

  • Fixed '&' in displayed name breaking inventory gear naming
  • Fixed AAF M240 M113 having IFF panels
  • Fixed Error in MaxxPro CfgPatches
  • Fixed Face sorting on covered land rover to prevent 'blue' interior canvas supports at LOD3
  • Fixed Fishing Boat convexities in Buoyancy LOD
  • Fixed Fishing Boat weapons starting engine
  • Fixed Front ZU-23 assistant gunner on Fishing Boat Front Zu23 being indestructible 
  • Fixed G3 & M14 non-railed variants being able to mount railed optics
  • Fixed Incorrect 'Chedaki' textures on ChDSZ and ChDZZ vehicles 
  • Fixed Incorrect Eden Preview image for ADM IED maker
  • Fixed Incorrect regular units appearing in 'Chedaki' SF Groups
  • Fixed Incorrect tracer magazine colours for ChDKZ and ChDZZ RPK AR units
  • Fixed Issues on Scud textures
  • Fixed LAV-25s lack of resistance to HE ammo
  • Fixed M60 tank wreck model
  • Fixed M16A1 and M16A2 using different reload sounds to RHS M16A4
  • Fixed Missing ChDSZ, ChDZZ, ChDKZ SF groups
  • Fixed Missing pistol from ChDSZ, ChDZZ, and ChDKZ sniper and spotter
  • Fixed Missing seat positions on ANA, AAF, and CW US Late armed UH60M
  • Fixed RPK-74 using incorrect ammo
  • Fixed Suppressor on non-SF ChDSZ, ChDZZ, ChDKZ spotter weapon
  • Fixed T-34 driver death animation
  • Fixed T-72 aerial not completely turning with turret
  • Fixed T-72 commander optic
  • Fixed T-72 missing turret servo sounds when moving
  • Fixed Tunguska handling
  • Fixed Tunguska radar, cannon, missile ranges, ranging depending on variant 
  • Fixed Uniforms broken by RHS update
  • Fixed Vodnik Front PKM turret
  • Fixed Zu23 gunners on Fishing Boats being ejected when killed

  • Improved AN-2 crew animations and added new pedal, engine and throttle lever animations
  • Improved AN-2 glass sheen
  • Removed RHS weapons, equipment and gear from vehicle inventories
  • Removed T-72 / T80 modern variants incorrectly added to Early / Late Soviet factions
  • Numerous other small bug fixes and adjustments

This is all largely thanks to Evrik's hard work

Posted: Sun Nov 28, 2021 3:12 pm     Super secret spam barrier

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Dear 3CB Team,

As game master of a small PMC community, I happened to stumble accross you splendid factions package which complements the somewhat aging project opfor package in a very promising way! As I wish to encourage and support your great work in the very interest of the enitre community, I would like to point out that the MP5K seems to have a small animation issue. I assume that it was meant to be a secondary arm but slipped to a primary slot. Apparently a result of this, a double weapon animation (primary & secondary simultaneously) is played when reloading the MP5K while a pistol is holstered.

Keep up the great work!


Posted: Sun Nov 28, 2021 7:12 pm     Super secret spam barrier
Colour Sergeant
Colour Sergeant
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Thanks, I'll take a look.

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