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Welcome to 3CB

We are a military realism unit based in Arma 3. We play Arma using British military tactics and equipment to try and simulate (to a degree) the modern British forces while maintaining an overall fun and enjoyable gameplay experience.

We like to use ranks within the unit to delegate responsibilities (as well as to show recognition of contributions to the community) and maintain a level of organisation that everyone enjoys. Don’t worry, you won’t have to fill out any report papers at the end of the day or give us 50 laps if you walk out of line. We think that Arma should be played and not taken to impractical levels (there’s no yes sir, no sir with us!).

Common sense rules are in place to ensure a fun and respectful place to enjoy gaming. Maturity, respect, and common-sense (and maybe even an odd bit of humour) are expected qualities from all recruits/members.

Mainly we are a UK-based unit. However, members have joined us from around the globe - Norway, Finland, USA, Germany and many more. Rest assured you'll fit in with the group, no matter your region.

Large-scale operations are run every weekend, and we also have a Arma 3 public server running 24/7 (on our powerful dedicated server). The 3 Commando Brigade's flourishing community is what drives and compels the unit to succeed.

A3 Public Server Required Mods

We run custom-designed missions using modifications ("Mods") to the vanilla game. All players need to run a core set of Mods that can be downloaded simply using Arma3Sync and our [3CB] Public Modset.


Overview of Steps to get you up and running

1. Install TeamSpeak 3
2. Download Arma3Sync
3. Connect to the 3CB A3Sync Repository using: http://repo.3commandobrigade.com/autoconfig
4. Download or Update Mods using Arma3Sync
(5. Run the TFAR Installer from Arma3Sync) * on first install only *
6. Connect to the 3CB Team Speak Server: voice.3commandobrigade.com
7. Join the 3CB Public Server

Time Stamps:
Step 1 | Installing A3Sync - 0:35
Step 2 | Connecting to the Repo - 3:02
Step 3 | Installing TFAR - 5:10
Step 4 | Connecting to our server - 6:42

Public Server Mission Rotation

Mission Name                    Map

1. Spring Step                      Leskovets
2. Operation Hurricane        Pulau
3. Herrick XXV                     Anizay
4. Operation Albumen         Chernarus
5. Winter Interdiction           Winter Hellanmaa
6. Autumn Phoenix              Rosche
7. Iron Justice                      Zargabad
8. Op Cyclone                     Tanoa
9. Rhamnousia                    Malden
10. Deliberate Escalation    Livonia
11. Winter Albumen             Chernarus Winter

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