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Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:42 am     Super secret spam barrier
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3cb Update Time

It's that time again...  ! Not seen any posts from the Sunday Ops Team, but I know they've been VERY busy getting this weeks builds up to scratch and running. If you've not signed up - please hurry. We've been getting upwards of 40 players per session, so the missions are structured around larger Troop movement. Which are tricky to play if we get lower turnouts. Even if you don't fancy it please tick the "maybe" or "no" buttons so we can keep track of numbers.

Apollo and team have been working on catching any bugs in the Public - we're testing a new Whitelist system on the Virtual Armoury boxes, so bear with us if your loadout isn't working. Let Apollo know what needs to be added here... CLICKY

This week we've also been testing ACRE2, gone back to TFAR, puked a Brain Cell, gone back to ACRE then Finally TFAR righted itself and we're back with the TFAR (! Whew - I was getting confused, as well as ear-ache)
We don't know what the end result will be, but for the moment TFAR is more compatible for most people so that's how we'll roll ! - Come and check it out on the Pubbie, it's much improved.

We're getting 2 or 3 good recruits a week which is fantastic - just remember if you're applying you need to be playing to earn Recommendations from existing Marines or Officers to get recruit status.

Lot's of exciting mods to check out if that's your thing.

  Image Amazing new maps (seriously - this one is BIGGER than Altis !)

 Image Cool new IED devices

 Image er.. weird stuff... 

Plus loads more. Remember if you spot something that would work for us, or just want to share here's the place CLICKY

That's it - "Stay Frosty!"

Lt. SJ

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