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Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 10:06 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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Mid-Week Zeus Op - 27/01/2016

Brilliant mid-week Zeus op tonight, courtesy of Scofer & Aeobrix. Thank you to all attendees for the large Wednesday turnout (32) and for successfully staging our very own coup d'état! 


Altis is locked in a bloody civil war. On one side are the revolutionaries, mostly consisting of ex-AAF and an armed civilian populace, who control half of the island. On the other, the president of Altis, with an army of mercenaries. After a decade of distrust between both sides, war has broken out - resulting in the civilian population under the presidents rule rising up. Rebels have began to carry out various missions to cripple the presidents forces, through the sabotaging of supply lines and the seizing of crucial stockpiles. In response to this threat, the president is seeking to hire additional mercenaries, and thus has has set up a meeting to negotiate the terms of their employment. Luckily for us, we know where and when the meeting is taking place.

Keep an eye on our media forum for videos and screenshots. 

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