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Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:38 pm     Super secret spam barrier

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First off, apologies to those i was trying to play on the public server with this evening, i must be coming across as an utter pain! I assure you when i left the FOB, i had a radio, it wasn't there when i got off the chopper... 

Actually this happened a few times - i respawned at one point, made a point of going to the armoury boxes and equipping a radio. Stepped away to make a radio check and it had gone? I can quite honestly admit this might be me as i am coming back to playing the game after a year or so off, but i cant think what i might be doing to chuck my radio away within a few seconds!

Also, somehow, my medical system has changed. Pressing H no longer brings up my card to administer aid etc. However, earlier in the game, it did! I suspect here, my setup may have changed while we tried to figure out what was wrong with my radio - so how do i set it up to access the med card system again (which, also weirdly, wouldn't let me give morphine to myself, despite having injectors in my kit...)

This weird sh*t is only happening tonight it seems... It was all fine the other day when i played.

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:49 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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Whenever you open the arsenal, it eats your SR radio.  This is a know bug.  Perhaps its this?

It sounds as though you have the H key bound to another function within the game.  Look through your key bindings.  It's likely to be next or previous help screen.

Make sure you select a limb to give morphine.  Morphine cannot be injected into either your head or your torso.

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 9:12 pm     Super secret spam barrier

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Thanks lifetap, as i said, i am coming back after a year away so its likely i am to blame - i have figured out the morphine thing was my fault, i had my head selected! However, i went back in a short while ago, and the H key was working again, so that bit was just weird!

Didn't know about the SR radio, was that an issue a year ago? Will bear that in mind in the future.

Thanks for answering :)

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