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Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:30 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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Public Server Mission Rotation Update?

Me and a few members were talking about how difficult it is to figure out what the next mission will be on the public now, a larger amount of the missions on the rotation thread isn't even being used anymore and it could also be quilte help full to get the new missions on. Another thing was also that now we have 2 jungle maps right up against each other which means 1 entire week of playing on jungle maps. Which in my opinion makes you want to rip your hair out, not because of the objectives but because the AI really likes to shoot thru folioage.   

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 9:56 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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That is exactly why the Public Team are running their poll.  Once we have that data we'll rearrange the rotation.

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