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Public server - SOPs

It's really pleasing to see the good numbers of players on the public server, over the past few weeks, especially during public actions / events. I'd like to  thank the Events Team for continuing to put together some interesting and challenging missions that appeal to a solid group of players.

Within 3CB's member-only operations we have a set of Standard Operating Procedures, for all roles,  We expect all players to comply with these.  Players are not limited to any particular role, but self-select based on their level of ability and interest.

These Standard Operating Procedures are avaiable here:

The Public Server is a little more relaxed, but the same principe applies.  Please DO NOT continue to take roles, where you are unable to fulfill the SOP for that role.  

For anyone using ground / air assets it's important you read these SOPs as they contain the critical Rules of Engagement for these assets.  

Just to pick one example. Air assets: Observe a no fly zone 500m around known friendly units, unless specifically instructed otherwise

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