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[ Suggestions / Support Form ]

Please create a new thread for each suggestion or query using the below format.

Subject Line: [/b]Support Form - Your Subject

[b]Server / Map[/b]: Server in question - Map in question.
[b]Suggestion/Query: [/b]Your suggestion or query.
[b]In-Game Alias: [/b]Your alias/in-game name.
[b]Priority: [/b]Low/Medium/High (Low being a very minor requirement and High being an urgent issue).


Subject Line: Support Form - H&K Weapons

Server / Map: ArmA 2 Recuiting Server II - Lingor.
Suggestion/Query: It would be great if we could have some H&K weapons on the server to add a bit of variety.
In-Game Alias: Goodson
Priority: Medium


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