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Required Mods

Public Server
In order to join and play on our public server you must have the following mods installed:

- @ACE
- @ACEX_USNavy
- @ACRE (Radio comms - optional but strongly advised)

- @lingor
- @brg_africa
- @chn_crocodile
- @csj_snake
- @ibr_civilians
- @ibr_plants
- @mbg_buildings2

Standard 3CB Prerequisites
Standard requirements for 3 Commando Brigade operations & training. Members must have the following mods installed:

- All standard ACE+ACRE mods
- @ACEX_PLA (Chinese units)
- ST Interact (ShackTac Interact)
- ST Hud (ShackTac HUD)
- ST Movement (ShackTac Movement)
- ST ACRE Volume (ShackTac ACRE Volume Control)
- @UKF_UKweps (extended UK weapons pack)
- @Len_L119 (weapons used by the SAS - L119A1 variants)
- @JSRS (Ensure you do not run @ACE_SM when running JSRS) *optional, but strongly recommended

All of the above can be found on either Six Updater or Armaholic. Please ensure you have the latest version of each.


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