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JSRS4 - ARMA 3 Sound

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Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 9:49 am     Super secret spam barrier
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Unfortunately the situation is far more complex than does JSRS work reliably.  It has to fit with our existing repo and server infrastructure.

Here's some things to consider:

3CB BAF weapons already use the sounds from Dynasound, they're built into the mod.  How does adding JSRS on top effect these?

What happens to client stability if both JSRS and Dynasound are being run at the same time?  Optional mods in a3sync require the player to untick, if they do not want them.  That means we're now asking players to untick a mod every time they play otherwise they have a possible mod conflict.  We have players that cannot even use the correct modset and others that ignore all warnings not to update TS.  Can you really expect 100% compliance to untick one of the sound mods every Op?

JSRS does not natively support RHS weapons, they use extra compat mods, in exactly the same way that ACE does.  There are 4 separate RHS mods, and we routinely swap these around in our repos, to keep the mods for a particular mission as small as possible (especially the Sunday Ops and the Patrol Ops).  So now you're asking players to untick not just the main JSRS mod, but up to 4 compat mods.  Can you still guarantee 100% compliance?

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