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Screenshot of the Month Contest is back!

Hello everyone,

we are happy to announce that we are bringing back the Screenshot of the Month Contest in 2019!

We ran this contest in the past, but it went on a hiatus due to real life commitments of the organization. We made some changes on how the contest is held and also how the media team is organizing it. This is how it will work!

Members of our Media Team will hold the monthly contest in rotation. So a different member of the team will hold the contest each month. This helps us to to share the workload better and also helps us to have more variety in selected images.

The Media Manager in charge of the contest will create the forum posts for it and will also answer questions and comments you might have for the current contest. It will also be the responsibility of this Media Manager to state the theme of the current contest. He will then pick three images of all entries. These images are then posted on Twitter and will be up for a public vote. The winner of the contest will then get a shiny badge.

Each contest will be held in this order:

1. The contest will be announced in the first three days of a month.
2. A post will be made explaining the rules and the length of the contest.
3. The responsible member will pre-select three images out of the entries one week before the end of a month.
4. The media team will post the three entries in a Twitter post and put them up for a public vote.
5. The vote will go on for 7 days and then the winner is announced.

The rules for the contest are as followed:

  • Every user that has an account on the 3CB Forums and Teamspeak can participate, unless they are temporarily or permanently banned from any of our services (Forums, Teamspeak, Discord, Gameserver).
  • Each person can only submit one image.
  • The image must be in relation to the current contests theme.
  • Entries must be posted in the deadline given in the months contest post.
  • The Media Manager that is holding the current event can not participate.
  • With participating in the contest, you allow 3CB to use the your entry image. Usage contains posting the image on internet forums, discord, twitter, facebook and on youtube.

The winner of a contest will get a Forum and Teamspeak Ribbon. The Ribbons have three levels:

Kodac Commander (winning one contest)

Kodac Commander Silver (winning five contests)

Kodac Commander Gold (winning ten contests

The first contest will start in March.

We are looking forward to your images!

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