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3CB media contributors' agreement - please read

The aim of developing media within 3CB is:
  • To increase the visibility of 3CB to potential future recruitments
  • For the enjoyment of 3CB members
  • To benefit the general Arma 3 community

The agreement, set out below, provides a loose framework to enable us to achieve these aims.
The agreement is primarily to ensure that:
  • Only high-quality media is published under the 3CB name.
  • 3CB has the rights to continue to use your content, including if at some point you are no longer (or were never) a member of 3CB.
In contributing media, to 3CB you are implicitly agreeing to the following.

3CB media contributors' agreement:
You agree that:
  • 3CB has the rights to freely maintain a copy of any media (e.g. videos, audio, images etc.) you have contributed to 3CB and do with it as it sees fit. Note: this could include giving your content freely to another external group for the purposes of enhancing the Arma 3 community.
  • If you use external content in developing any media, then you make this fact known (via the forums), so that contributions can be correctly attributed. Copyrighted material must not be used. Any and all agreements with external content providers must have approval from the Officers.  If in doubt, ask.
  • Media is only published under the 3CB name following approval by the 3CB Media Manager.

3CB agrees that:
  • 3CB media will be published only for the benefit of 3CB or the wider Arma community.

Can I still publish media in my own name?
There is nothing to prevent you from publishing content in your own name. However, 3CB has various guidelines and preferences when/if you are to publish media from the official 3CB account on the various 3CB platforms (see above).
There is an expectation that you honour the following: 
  • You accurately attributed all (both internal and external to 3CB) who have contributed to your personal media.
  • You only use 3CB source material from other members that have already been published by 3CB

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