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Operation Trident (A3) - SUN 1930 19JAN

3CB Operation on 19th January 2014.
Mission created by Evrik.

In this mission I was 2nd Fire Team Leader in Charlie Section, lead by NullJeager. Moving with us were two other 8 man Sections (Alpha and Bravo), along with Hotel Section (Troop HQ + Mortar).

Starring in Charlie 2 are J2Ninja, Pyscho and Bevc with supporting cast from Charlie 1 of NullJeager, Benzy, Whiplash and Valhallan.

The action starts with a boat insertion before sunrise onto the northeastern tip of Altis.

As part of Operation Trident, members of 3 Commando Brigade see themselves despatched to hunt down and destroy AA material ahead of the main landings, as well as clear and secure an airfield to aid in getting additional reinforcements and supplies ashore.

Primary Objectives:
1: Get ashore and secure the Lighthouse
2. Find and destroy any AA batteries at Molos airfield
3. Clear the docks at Molos Bay
4. Eliminate enemy Officers thought to be at a compound south of the airfield
5. Prepare for a counterattack



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