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Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 5:08 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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USA- Swatting

Well I guess it was only a question of when not if it would happen, but unfortunately the time has come that an innocent gamer has lost his life. Independant article. A 28 year old male with 2 kids was shot dead by police after reports he had killed his dad and had his mum and brother and gunpoint and had soaked the house in fuel.

EDIT: Further to it PCGamer has a story saying that the guy killed wasn't even the target of the Swatting but his address had been used by someone else trying to entice a SWAT on his address.  Plus someone has been arrested for it as well.

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:50 pm     Super secret spam barrier

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yeah, read about this earlier, utterly horrible and we knew eventually this would happen but to have it happen to someone who wasn't even the target? imo the person initiating the false report should be done for manslaughter.

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