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Operation Attendance


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Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:11 pm     Super secret spam barrier

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Straying a tad off topic. Anyone with awesome admin rights mind moving the last few posts to their own topic?

Since in all fairness A2 keeps coming up on pretty solid intervals might as well get a proper discussion about it on a proper topic. Also this is one of the rare conversations about the topic that hasn't drifted into a... Well, the usual.

(Just to look a few steps ahead, because I'm rather cynical and tired at the moment: Yes, there have been topics about this and yes some of them have stayed clean, but they've gotten buried somewhere deep in the forums. No need to make a post just to point it out.)

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 12:07 am     Super secret spam barrier

Posts: 2236
Its about Operation Attendance in general. Topics evolve, and it hasn't gone off-topic in my mind. We've been discussing operations , both A2 andA3.


Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:14 am     Super secret spam barrier

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Naturally they evolve, my view on the topic was that it was more or less an announcement about the 'new policy', for lack of a better term, and then a registration system to verify if you've understood and room to comment if you had questions or comments towards the new system.

Now the topic has 'evolved' from people giving their reasons for not being able to meet said 'new policy' to asking if we can hold more A2 missions in order to keep the people who are having troubles or simply can't run A3 and now we're slowly drifting towards why we can or can't have them.
I feel like it's an important enough matter to have it's own topic and frankly in my slightly neurotic mind it just makes a lot more sense to have it's own topic instead of discussing that under the title "Operation attendance".

//Rantmode// Otherwise this issue is just going to drag on and on like it has for the last year. When some topic gives a reason to mention a) A3 having flaws or b) the fact that there are virtually no A2 missions anymore, someone will pop in, make a comment, then it continues for four extra comments, someone comes in and says something along the lines of "Well, just try A3, it's just as good" and then it ends up being a conversation comparable to two ten-year-olds sitting on the playground telling each other how much tougher their dad is.
Might as well make a proper topic about it and have a proper conversation about how many would be interested in A2 missions and then take into consideration that if 20 people say "yes" the chance that everyone is available on the same day is nonexistent. Because making a mission, setting a date for it, advertising and then noticing that there is no one to play it doesn't exactly motivate anyone to do more - no matter how we get 30 people for A3 OPs, it doesn't automatically mean that we "should" get the same amount for A2. I know that it's an old and a very worn out argument, but the fact stands that nearly 70% of the active people have joined after the "switch" to A3. There are people who refuse to play A2 and there are people who refuse to play A3. I understand people who say they can't be arsed to download ace and the rest of the mods for A2 after uninstalling it and I understand the people who say that A3 is unplayable. I also understand the people who just don't want to.
 Seemed like this was as good start as any other for the conversation. Hell, might as well put down a poll with four options: "I own A2 and would like to play it", "I own A2, don't want to play it", "Don't own it, don't want to play", "Don't own it, might buy it to play it" and then discuss who'd be interested in building the missions, making sure they work and everything else. I know Howl has said that he'd like to in help making A2 missions a regular thing, but all of that is a pretty big project for one man - especially if we don't know if people are even interested.//Rant+regret//

I did stray from the topic and even from my original point all within just one post, but the point stands: Can we have a proper constructive discussion on this matter?

P.S. This post will most likely go through some editing after I wake up tomorrow.

Tired Finn - out.

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-Unknown online community

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:49 am     Super secret spam barrier
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Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:56 am     Super secret spam barrier

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I see what you mean Whip. I agree. And I love making missions in A2 :D

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:02 am     Super secret spam barrier

Posts: 1968
Location: Scotland
I would not bother giving it an edit Whip i like it and it makes the point stand out from an impartial viewpoint, sums it up really. I'm going to be as honest as i can here and say that the majority of people saying they can't play either game/can't be bothered are people just complaining over nothing because they like to complain and don't want to do anything about it.

Now before some people get upset yes there are some of us that can't play either game for whatever reason be it can't afford it (it happens) or a particular issue getting it running but 90% of the people saying "I can't do this" Bull, its not i can't it's i wont put in 40 minutes of effort to ask for help and get my game running. I bet if half the people who sat and complained about particular issues with Arma3 sat down and worked on it instead they would be able to play but no that won't happen. 

And i am in no way saying this applies to everyone before i get flak for this i am just saying i have seen it happen with each transition A1 to 2 and now to 3

As far as i can really see unless something changes in the near future A2 appears to have ran its course, this is primarily to do with what Whip has said about the recent recruit influx and for me that means saying farewell to A2 in most scenarios despite being a huge fan of it. However as many people (around 20 or so) have expressed they wish to run A2 ops but honestly i think these people are just bitching because they do not like agreeing with the group, if people began to run A2 ops i would very happy to come along and play as i love the game however every time i talk to them about getting it set up the attitude is the exact same "Oh i can't be bothered", so they want operations just for them but will do nothing to set it up. As far as i am concerned they can go and poke, the people setting up these ops and missions have far to much to work on without someone complaining that they want a particular something if people want to run these A2 ops then they have to be prepared to help out, show up and overall contribute to making it happen, we have already had a few volunteer to make missions and such but other than Alex when i ask them about it they just say "No you guys hate A2" then return to doing feck all.

If people want the A2 ops then they need to be prepared to actually help with them otherwise they just wont happen, even if you can't help in creation you could help in so many other ways go around ask people if they have A2 but need help setting it up, take a poll see who would want to play, talk to someone in charge about getting a night set up where you can use (THE COMPLETELY BLOODY UNUSED) A2 server but i have seen none of this so i just don't think its going to change.

To Alex i know you have been doing a lot in relation to the A2 side of things so why not get a few of the people more determined to see A2 ops come back to help you out its more than you should have to be doing by yourself, ask people like Cupcake for instance who can't run A3 to get some help getting those ops happening. (Pending your return)

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:20 am     Super secret spam barrier

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I have IMO ridiculously good ideas and mindsets on A2 missions on all sorts of scenarios but I lack the practical skill. I would love to help and maybe MS Paint basic grasps of ideas and then let someone else make them but it seems like that A2 is going obsolete.

Oh and yes, I do moan and bitch and be a sack of bolts about it but that's just how I am I guess :I A polish-german otaku-pastry..thing

What do you expect XD

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:54 am     Super secret spam barrier

Posts: 1968
Location: Scotland
I know you shown many times you would be happy to help but you lack that technical experience and i'm sure there are others who would be happy for your mission ideas so perhaps try find someone who can't think up any good ideas but can make missions, hell come give me some encouragement on my I44 one and we can finish it off for a night at some point, just little things like that get the ball rolling and give the people asking for these nights a little more support and would probably garner a bit more support.

Some peoples ideas of free speech is that they are able to say whatever they wish, but if anything is said back, that is an outrage.

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:45 am     Super secret spam barrier

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Right, I think we should start another thread for this to expand on it. . . perhaps it's something that doesn't have to die out. You have good suggestions Benzy, I might actually be able to get on TS this weekend. We shall see! When I come up with something to get the ball rolling (or if anyone has anything on their mind already) I will make a post about it, which will then hold discussion specifically regarding the possibility of ArmA 2 operations returning.

And Cupcake, I'm always asking for mission ideas :D PM me some and I'll see what I can do. 


Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:31 am     Super secret spam barrier
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