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Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:19 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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Announcement Regarding Changes to TS Public Channels

Hi, you will have noticed some changes to the Structure of our TS channel.

As you know we try to run as open and accessible a Gaming Unit as we can. Unfortunately we've been receiving increasing complaints about abuse of the publicly accessible areas on our Teamspeak Server;

Bad mouthing the Unit or members
Poaching of members
...and most annoying just general Sitting on our TS playing random games with no connections to any of the members past or present.

As of today; 

1) Only 3CB members are allowed in the Private Channels
2) Public members are not to be dragged into private channels unless there is a 3CB related reason - please don't abuse this
3) VIP access is restricted to Liaison members from other units in Good Standing

Non-members will continue to have access to the Lobby, Public Server channels  and Technical Help

I'm not happy about having to do this, but the officers have taken the decision to implement this change after much thought. This change was announced at our recent Town Hall meeting - and debated openly with Members, but I'm happy to take feedback over PM likewise any of the SNCO's etc would be happy to discuss the reasoning behind the changes.

Thanks for your understanding.



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Just a quick reminder that this also applies to our Discord Server. This is why we do not have a open channel for general chatter. There are only two channels on the Discord that are open to the public:

3CB Modding Support
Liaison Room

These channels are 100% theme oriented and anything that does not belong in these channels will be deleted from them. 

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