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Introduction - Mulraine

Hi I'm Mulraine, I live in Dublin. Been playing Arma/OFP on and off since the beginning. Been playing multiplayer here and there but mostly just trying out mods and messing about in the editor. I have a special interest in 3CB not least because I actively tried to join in real life. I went on a PRMC back in 2002 but missed out on passing by failing the V02 max (I fell short by 3 or 4 lengths). My only regret in life is not trying again, but thats life. Anyhow I'll give being a virtual marine a shot haha. 

P.S. For the sake of authenticity, when in Lympstone I was not referred to as Mulraine but rather as Null Brain or John Tickle (apparent resemblance) so if your a Corporal or Staff Segeant feel free to use them, if your not, be very careful lol.

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 10:49 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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