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Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 5:48 pm     Super secret spam barrier

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Introduction - Garfield

Hi all,

Thought I would sign up here ahead of the public event later on this week.

I have been playing arma for many years at this point, starting back in the Arma 2 days, but really putting in the hours in arma 3 (too many hours really). In that time, I have been involved in a few different groups, and generally moved around after a while to try something different. I currently am part of a somewhat long standing community, helping run their tech side, and sometimes some of the administration tasks.

In game, I would normally take either leadership roles, or set myself up in a tin can with a big cannon. I do also sometimes zeus some of their missions, where I generally theme my missions around some custom structure or area. For example I have a town on Cherno called "Novy Lug" (as that is what the map says) that I sometimes use. This is also available on the workshop as a scenario file for other groups to use.

So I have been looking for somewhere to go where I don't have to worry about all that, and have a change in pace. While I don't think I will avoid going for armoured roles, it is not the main goal, and would prefer to first get a full idea of how you play.

So all in all, thanks for reading this, and looking forward to playing with you this Friday.

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 6:06 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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Welcome Garfield, looking forward to seeing you on Friday mate!

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