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Read before posting - FAQ

Welcome to the 3 Commando Brigade forums.

Before you go ahead and post your introduction message, there is a few points I'd like to cover about our clan. Just to make sure you understand who exactly we are.

Q: 3 Commando Brigade? Which one are you again?
A: We are 3 Commando Brigade or [3CB] (not to be confused with any other group with a similar name or tag). We have been around since 2012 and started out as an Arma 2 clan.

Q: How serious is 3 Commando Brigade? Are you hardcore MilSim?
A: We are a realism group that enjoy playing with military tactics and radio procedure. However, we are not a serious MilSim group that pull rank or call each other sir.

Q: Do you play Arma 2 or ArmA 3?
A: All our official operations and servers are run on Arma 3.

Q: Can I join? Where do I get started?
A: Carry on and write an introduction post. Let us know a bit about you and your gaming experience.

Next get yourself on our teamspeak server and join in the action on our Arma 3 public server. This is an important step to get people to recognise you before you sign up and give you a slight taste in to what our group is all about.

Still interested? Now go to the application page and read all the information before submitting.

Q: I'm not old enough. Can I still join?
A: Don't submit your application. Instead speak with a Recruitment Manager Image on the teamspeak and let them know you're interested in joining. Make sure you remain active and play on our public server. Your efforts will not go unnoticed.

Q: I'm part of another Arma clan. Can I still join?
A: We do not accept multi-clanning with other Arma units, but feel free to come and play with us on our public server.

Q: Can I be a pilot? Can I be a medic? Can I lead?
A: We do not assign members to dedicated roles or use a unit structure. We give all members a freedom of choice to choose what role they want to play.

Q: Ranks? What do they mean?
A: The ranks are only for out of game purposes.

Q: How do I get on TeamSpeak?
A: Download the TeamSpeak 3 Client. Once installed load up Teamspeak 3 client and click CTRL + S on your keyboard. Type in the following:
Server Address: voice.3commandobrigade.com
Nickname: Your game/forums nickname
Now click connect.
Once connected click Bookmarks then Add to Bookmarks.

Q: How do I join the ArmA 3 public server?
A: Watch this video.

Q: I tried to join the public and it kicked me out. Why is that?
A: Ensure you are using the correct Modset appropriate to the server you are attempting to join. Follow the steps posted here.
If you're still have trouble, feel free to post in our Technical Help forum, or contact a Teamspeak Admin or Moderator for assistance. 

Edit: Updated 29.2.16

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