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Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 11:05 pm     Super secret spam barrier

46th MEU Joint Operations (Grand Campaign)

Greetings to the 3 Commando Brigade.

Let me formally introduce myself to you, I am Captain Farmer, W. of the 46th Marine Expeditionary Unit. As commanding officer of the 46th MEU I pride ourselves in realism Co-Op game play and representing the United States Marines. I created our group to honor those who serve in the U.S. Armed forces and to bring the realism fun out of Arma. I am a 22 year old single father who enjoys gaming and playing with my daughter, the Mil Sim style game play is what I like and the Co-Op aspect is what I look for in any situation.

The 46th MEU is rather young, being 6-8 Months old we are still in development. We look to older and larger groups to build off of and develop as well as play with. All of our members are professionals and are here to have fun. The 46th current goal is to reach a Company size level and being mostly amphibious mechanized infantry, we are aiming to steer away from relying on helicopter transport as much as possible.

What we propose:

We are looking for a dedicated, large, and friendly realism unit that would like to join in on our Grand Campaign that has a constant developing back story that can shift and change due to Operation out come. All operations are aimed at realism, fun, and Co-Op experiences that will keep bringing back players. We would like to bring in another operational player base unit to put more divers Co-Op experience into our Ops and Campaign to build new style of team work and training techniques.

Whats coming up:

We currently have 2 operations coming up at the end of January that we feel will bring excellent game play for both sides. With a constant and ever changing story, the grand campaign can consist of sever new ops.

Operation "Rebel Ghost"

Current details on the actual Operation is under development, but for realism aspect we are acting as if the details are on a need to know basis. We will release the 5 Paragraph Operation Details as soon as they are finished.

Operation Mission Time & Date: January 18, 2015 01/18/15 @ 17:00 Central Standard US Time (We are willing to flex this to allow the 3CB to attend).

Additional Details will be Released as soon as they are developed.

Operation "Desperate Rain"

Current situation is grim for the AAF forces backed by the US 46th MEU. The Elections were rigged for explosions and Rebel Insurgence managed to overwhelm the AAF bases on the Island. The call came down over the horn from 46th Command "Godfathter" "False God" giving the sign for a tactical retreat back into Stratis Airbase. Now the AAF and 46th MEU is held up on defensive positions waiting for a Rebel assault until allied forces can land on the Island (If the 3CB is to attend then they will be the relief effort for a counter attack. All is flexible on how we decide to go about the Operation). 

Operation Mission Time & Date: January 31, 2015 01/31/15 @ 17:00 Central Standard US Time (We are willing to flex this to allow the 3CB to attend).

Additional Details will be Released as soon as they are developed.

Contact information and links:

46th MEU Website


Last Operation Video #1
Pfc. Arroyo, A.

Last Operation Video #2
Pfc. Wilson, D.

Patrol Ops "Operation Hurricane"
1Lt. Man, T.

Last Operation 5 Paragraph Mission Briefing
Operation Briefing

Capt. Farmer, W. email

Hope to hear from you all soon

Captain Farmer, W.
Commanding Officer of the 46th MEU

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:04 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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Jamie can we review at the next meeting ?

Ideally trying to get a sunday slot - so we can get more Americans at a decent time to play ?


Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:40 pm     Super secret spam barrier
Defiantly will work towards getting us a proper time setup. I'll make a post on our site and start getting some input from the 46th.

Capt. Farmer, W.
46th MEU
Commanding Officer

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:58 pm     Super secret spam barrier
Here's the Link to our post regarding this topic if anyone wishes to post there.

http://www.46thmeucommunity.us/169394/t ... rigade-urd

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