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Invitation for ArmA Tactical Combat #7

Got a invitation forwarded from Alpha Kilo from Gruppe Adler for us:

The Italian unit BDR bdrclan.com/new/ arranges campaigns for the ArmA series. A campaign consists of maybe a dozen battles and the outcome of each battle sets the stage for the following one. Several international units form the teams. ATC is not just about fighting the battles, it is also about planning a strategy and co-operating efficiently with the other units on your team. As this is an international event, communication is in English - this shouldn't be much of a problem for you. :)

Currently BDR is preparing the next campaign. I have participated in one of their campaigns and I think that you and your friends at 3CB might like this game mode. I talked with Nemesi, the leader of BDR, about the activities of 3CB and Gruppe Adler. Nemesi would like to invite you to the upcoming ATC #7. Please check arma-tactical-combat.com for more information. The site will shortly be updated with rules and more details.

It is not official yet, but the campaign should begin in the second half of August. Most likely the battles will take place on Sundays. Briefings should start at 20:00 CET, the missions at 20:30.

Best wishes


There are no further details and I told Apha Kilo it is not very likely we can take part in the entire campaign, since their missions are colliding with our shedule and we probably cant fully commit to 12 missions in that shedule.

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