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Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 2:03 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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For some time I have been having really bad FPS issues with the occasional3fps bug and poor frames particularly with loads of AI and smoke which was
absolutely frustrating in the middle of firefights and it culminated one time
when a BMP snuck up behind us and I was unable to turn around and smack it with
an NLAW.  Nearly threw machine and everything out the window.  This
is despite having 2 Nvidia 980ti s in SLI mode and an overclocked i7-5820 upped
to 4.5GHz.

I did a bit of searching yet again looking for some help andtweaks and came up with a YOUTUBE video by Panjno made about a year ago at

GUIDE”I also searched the internet asnd came up with thefollowing fairly common arma specific tweaks:-

Arma3 Config file Changethe following to 1GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1;GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1; Change Windows display properties for arma3_64.exe  under compatibility tabPut a tick in box for Disable full screen optimisation. GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1;GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1; Change Windows display properties forarma3_64.exe  under compatibility tabPut a tickin box for Disable  full screen optimisation.

This was done about two weeks ago andsince then i found the start up of windows faster as well as the performance
generally and there was an immediate improvement in FPS which I tested with the
Heaven Benchmark programme.   Ialso got to grips with MSI afterburner and overclocked the GPU s but even
without that the system and FPS in arma is vastly improved. If you haveWin 10 and re having similar issues to me its worth a try and I would think the
basic principles would work on other earlier versions of Windows. Please noteI am nowhere near a computer geek and only followed what I thought were sensible
ideas. Hope thishelps one or two of you .          Ney88

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