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Promotions - LCpl, Cpl, Sgt, & CSgt

1, 2, 3, 4 Posted by: Arka » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:03 pm
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Lance Corporal

We are extremely pleased to announce the following promotions from Marine to Lance Corporal:

Mad Mick

These members have not only demonstrated a consistent level of activity and dedication to the unit, but they routinely present a positive attitude, a willingness to lead by example during operations and on the public server, and frequently volunteer their time and efforts to support 3CB.


Ace The Brewer
As a dedicated member, Ace will routinely volunteer his time and efforts to the unit; whether by taking Troop, SL roles or providing feedback to better the unit and member experience as a whole.   

A dedicated member, Arska has demonstrated time and time again his willingness to volunteer his efforts to the unit through his commitment to the Public Server team, running numerous official operations and working within Training team.

Biker has shown considerable commitment to 3CB. His reliability and positive attitude are routinely shown through his willingness to volunteer his experience, time, feedback, and ‘lead-by-example’ attitude.

As a long serving member, Dave has proven to be a granite pillar of the 3CB community. His efforts and attitude both in game and within the Recruitment/Training team have proven to be invaluable to the unit.

Red has shown considerable commitment to the unit through his significant contribution to not only mission making and willingness to volunteer for mission critical roles, but by his countless hours spent developing and maintaining the Public server missions.  

As a dedicated member, Jono has frequently demonstrated his willingness to volunteer his efforts to 3CB through his commitment to the Public Server team and running numerous official operations.

As a long serving member of 3CB, Shimmer routinely steps forward to take on leadership roles, whether it be on public or private operations.  He puts time and effort into assisting new players acclimatise to our play style, and more recently has moved to the basic training team to continue this work.



As a long serving and dedicated member, Dobb has continued to show his commitment to 3CB through his visibility on the public server and efforts as a member of the Public Server Team. He has significantly aided in creating and maintaining an enjoyable experience and environment on the server, and has provided invaluable feedback to better the unit and user experience.

A dedicated member,  Bagel unwaveringly demonstrates his reliability and willingness to volunteer his time and efforts to 3CB. Whether by supporting new recruits via the RM team, frequently taking leadership roles during operations, contributing to the modding team, or coordinating Friday Patrol Operations.

As a long serving member, Sel has shown to be the ever enthusiastic voice of reason within 3CB. His efforts managing the ribbons, and his dedication to supporting mission makers throughout countless operations continues to elevated and improve the unit as a whole. 

A dedicated and long serving member, Cud’s continued contribution to mission creation and Mini-Op coordination has proven to be an invaluable element of our private operations. This coupled with his solid section leadership and willingness to volunteer his efforts when needed is greatly appreciated.

Colour Sergeant

As a long serving member, Mefirst puts a considerable amount of time and effort into the running of 3CB.  As lead on the Liaison team he is instrumental in the arrangement and opportunities afforded by our Joint Operations.  His lead of Media team ensures a range of quality outputs that continue to positively impact our recruitment activities.

As a long serving member, Rev has shown his dedication to 3CB by consistently providing technical assistance to both new and old members alike. In addition, Rev has provided a great deal of support and improvements to our back-end services - primarily the recent server upgrades (both in performance and security).

Changes to the rank structure:

Reserve Ranks

As some of you would have noticed, we recently implemented ‘Reserve’ status for members on an extended LOA. Information below:

  • Available to NCO+, who have shown a significant and sustained contribution to 3CB at their current rank (this relates to administrative or moderating tasks and not just being active during ops), and where “real life” requires they take a break from such activity.
  • Application by sending a message to an SNCO+
  • Reserve status is reviewed by SNCO+
  • Will lose advanced forum privileges, but retain rank and standard member privileges
  • Will retain TeamSpeak tags, with a new symbol next to their name (‘R’).
  • Once they return and notify us, their original rank will be reinstated, provided they now fulfill the rank’s criteria.
  • Limited to 6 month duration unless they keep in regular contact with the unit.

Thanks fellas :)!

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