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3CB Finances

1, 2 Posted by: Serjames » Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:46 pm
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Hello everybody

After a quick review with Major Goodson and the other officers this evening we are having to make some urgent changes to our donations structure.

What are we Changing?

We need to move the donations target from £67 to £87

Why are we doing this?

Short version - Our costs are higher than we thought given some key changes we made at the end of 2017.

Longer version - We had always been running with a small donations surplus, we'd accrued this as a rainy day fund against disaster or perhaps a reduction in donations. However with all the significant changes we made to the servers in Q3 and Q4 of 2017 we managed to pretty much burn it up. To cut a long story short we effectively ran two server environments for several months while we were changing over all the web structures and game servers etc. This doubled our cost base, which we assumed we could cover...

However despite the fact I deal with Foreign currency in RL(!) I'd neglected to take account of the significant impact the Euro/Sterling Exchange rate had had on the cost base. Just so we can be completely transparent here are some of the invoices for the servers we run.

Our normal costs used to be covered by about £60 per month.

Our new invoices for the 3 boxes we use for Repo, Game & Ocap are €77 per month currently. Plus a one off hit each Jan of about £112 for the TS license.


For October 2017 we got hit really badly - but have only just been made aware (GOODSON!)


When will we be making a change?

Effective immediately

We've done the math and as of tonight we'd spent all our 3CB monies and were in a negative balance. Goodson has stepped in and kindly covered the shortfall for the March bill - £20. We will therefore be adjusting the donations page to represent a more realistic cost figure to keep us running each month as of this evening (or whenever we can find ReV to change the page).

As of right now this months donations stands at £55 so we're still a little short of our target.

Donation page

If anyone has any questions please ask one of us.

Thanks for your continued support - and have fun !


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