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3CB Training Grounds - Open

1, 2 Posted by: Lifetap » Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:04 am
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After a huge amount of work, thanks mainly to Sam and Trifus, we're very pleased to annouce that the 3CB Training Grounds is open for business.

This is a custom built isle that will become the focus for much of our specialist training.  It currently features a wide range of facilities, including but not limited to:
  • CQB
  • EOD
  • Rifle range
  • Sniper range
  • Mortar range
  • Anti-tank range
  • Grenade range
  • UGL range
  • Mulberry harbour
  • Medical centre

Some of these facilties will form the basis for future specialist training courses, others will be available to drop-in and improve your skills.

In addition, I'm excited to say that we also have two new approved specialist courses, CQB-1 and EOD.  Other courses are under development.

Details on these courses and how to make use of this excellent resouirce will be available shortly.

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