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Ribbons now in effect

Posted by: Goodson » Fri Sep 16, 2016 9:45 am
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Starting from today, ribbons are now in effect. If you missed the ribbons announcement post, please see here:
Introducing Ribbons

How do I get a ribbon?
For all operation-related ribbons, members can nominate others by posting in the Ribbon Nominations thread. So, if after an op you think your section leader managed to get through the entire mission without a single KIA, you can nominate them for the 'leadership ribbon'.

For all community-related ribbons (e.g. donator ribbon), these will be normally be assigned by Officers.

A full list of ribbons (including which are operation-related or community-related) can be found on the Ribbons page.

Will any ribbons be back-dated?
The only ribbons that will be back-dated are the service ribbons. All other ribbons will be awarded based on achievements starting from now. To get your service ribbon, please post your length of service in the Service Ribbon Requests thread.

We hope you enjoy the ribbons! If you have any suggestions for a new ribbon, please let us know.
- Officers

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