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Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:59 pm     Super secret spam barrier

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We need a little bit Feedback to the AW-Event at 17.03.2018

Hello Guys!

Wer are coming from Germany and make the "ArmA-World-Event" at last Saturday by "ARMA WORLD Coopetition 07" 

And now we need a little bit feedback for our event at 17.03.2018...

1. We want to know, what we can do better and what was good in our event?

2. Were there any problems for you with the communication? 

3. What was your task in the event?

4. How long you could play in the event?

5. Did you need any form of help from us before the event?

6. Could and did you follow the event over our Livestream on Youtube?

7. Would you come and play in the next or other upcoming events? 

Thank you very much and we hope we can see you next time...

Greetings from GBKings [Arma World-Team].


Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:19 pm     Super secret spam barrier

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I edited some content out of your post. We already had the majority of the information available to members in a private forum area in English. So I took out the German text, since only 1% of the unit would have been able to understand it. I also took the liberty to rephrase/correct the phrasing of some questions, since they were written in a way that was hard to understand for most of our members.

We will collect feedback from the members who attended the event and will forward it back to you over your forums or discord.



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