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Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 1:17 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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Windows 10

I have windows 10. Mostly I don't mind it but there's two things which really piss me off, its habit of deciding to download updates and rob me of any bandwidth and of just taking over my hard drive and dumping undeletable folders everywhere.

Does anyone know if it's possible yet to go back to the old truly "manual" updates of olden times when I can decide to download and update when it suits me, not when the damn thing chooses? Also, I know that I can delete system stuff using disk clean up, but it never actually removes anything from any drive other than C, so I have folders containing crap or just littering up my hard drives with names like fc5d331152f3a2b368b0296edc etc.

My C is only 110GB SSD, so I don't have much on it games wise, and my other HDD is a 1TB. I'm looking at getting a bigger SSD but I don't want it just suffering the same lingering death as my HDD is currently undergoing.


Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 3:20 pm     Super secret spam barrier
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first of all, i wouldnt recommend to disable auto update...

you can tweak your network connection that windows thinks its a metered connection, which will prevent auto download as long youre connect to that network...
in regards to the cleanup tool, you have to run it for each drive individually, so select your non c drive - right click - properties - clean up (maybe you also need to use the "manage system files" button on the cleanup window)

windows will delete all old or unused update stuff when you use the according task in the cleanup utility, if you start to delete those files and folders manually youre just making things worse...
(it should forget these directories and just create a new one and redownload everything that got cached earlier if its still not applied...)

everytime there is an feature update, there will be most likely something like ~windows.bt directory on c, thats where the new windows version will be prepared for use on your system,
when you reboot and windows does its thing it will move your old version to windows.old and move the new version to windows...
(there is a lot more happening, but that should be enough to get an basic idea)

if you need more space on c (and you dont use hibernation) you can disable that, this will remove the hibernation file which blocks space at size of your memory (ie if you have 16gb ram , it will reserve16gb of space on c for the hibernation)

oh and another thing, make sure you dont allow update sharing...

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