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Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:32 am     Super secret spam barrier
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ACRE not running properly

Let me take you through what I do... seems to work MOST of the time.

1st just to confirm have you added the 148 into the radio slot ?

I carry 148 in the slot and then the 343 in my webbing vest.

This is then saved as my VAS build.

3 radios, i.e. a 119 as well will not work - causes wierd bugs

When I first load the build I have to change radio volumes, ears, powers, channels etc. At this point ACRE breaks and 99% of the time I need to restart TS. Others get the same fix from "re-starting the plugins" from within TS but that doesn't seem to work for me.

Symptoms of this are clicking radio, push to talk, the yellow ACRE box coming up, but no click or transmission - a quick TS restart gets this fixed.

Also note that EVERY time you get killed the ACRE setting get ignored for some reason, i.e. the radio channel gets reset aswell as the volume. This is intermittent and it was suggested that when people access VAS; i.e. other players this can mysteriously reset the radios too.

Either way they are definitely buggy !!!

I spent 30 minutes SHOUTING at my squad last night to obey orders only to find my radio has magically reset to channel 1.... Annoying !!!


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